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When Minutes Matter: AccuWeather provides crucial life-saving advance notice ahead of EF2 tornado in Illinois

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AccuWeather For Business provides a crucial 37 minutes of advance notice – before any other source – of a destructive EF2 tornado packing winds of 125 mph that hit near Pawnee, Illinois, on Aug. 6.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather For Business clients received a SkyGuard® Tornado Warning 22 minutes in advance – while government sources didn’t warn until AFTER the tornado was on the ground.

AccuWeather alerted businesses about an impending tornado near Malta Bend, Missouri, 24 minutes AHEAD of government sources and other providers.

AccuWeather’s one-on-one consultations with clients put life-saving information into decision-makers' hands when minutes matter.

When minutes matter – AccuWeather For Business delivers actionable insights ahead of all other sources

In early August 2023, intense tornadoes touched down in Missouri and Illinois – including a destructive EF2 tornado with winds of 125 mph that touched down in central Illinois. AccuWeather's expert meteorologists provided advance notice, accurate forecasts backed by Superior Accuracy™, and one-on-one consultations to help businesses and communities better prepare and seek shelter – saving lives.

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Speed of AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warnings 

On Aug. 6, a dangerous EF2 tornado touched down in Pawnee, Illinois, just southeast of the capital of Springfield. AccuWeather For Business was the only source to issue an AccuWeather SkyGuard Warning 22 minutes BEFORE the tornado touched down. Publically available government sources didn’t issue a warning until after the tornado hit the ground – 15 minutes AFTER the tornado caused damage. Highlighting the need for the advance warning only AccuWeather For Business can provide.

The life-saving tornado warning provided by AccuWeather came 37 minutes before the government or any other source issued any warning.

AccuWeather issued an AccuWeather SkyGuard Warning to alert businesses about an impending tornado near Malta Bend, Missouri, 24 minutes AHEAD of government sources and other providers.


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Benefits of AccuWeather’s Advance Notice

On average, organizations that use AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings receive an average of 16 minutes of advance notice compared to eight minutes from all other sources. The extra time allows businesses to execute their emergency plans and seek shelter before a tornado hits their facility. It’s proven that these businesses are better prepared and their employees are safer.

Here's how different industries can leverage advance tornado warnings:

Manufacturing and industry: Businesses operating in manufacturing and industrial sectors can implement safety protocols, such as shutting down equipment, securing hazardous materials, and evacuating employees to designated safe areas. This helps prevent accidents, reduces damage to machinery and facilities, and ensures the well-being of workers.

Construction and infrastructure: Construction sites can secure equipment and materials, and construction crews can be directed to safer locations. For infrastructure projects, such as roadwork or utility maintenance, advance notice allows teams to halt operations and protect projects.

Retail and entertainment: Retail stores and entertainment venues can evacuate customers and staff to safer locations, minimizing the risk of injuries and fatalities. Adequate time allows businesses to secure valuable assets, such as merchandise, and reduce potential financial losses.

Healthcare facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities need time to transfer patients to secure areas within the building or nearby healthcare institutions. Medical equipment and critical supplies can also be safeguarded, ensuring continuous patient care during and after the tornado.

Education and Childcare Centers: Schools, colleges, and childcare centers can use advance warnings to enact shelter plans, move students to safe zones, and notify parents about the situation. This keeps students and staff safer until the danger passes.

AccuWeather's highly accurate SkyGuard Warnings can also help mitigate against unnecessary downtime with the tornado will not impact your facility. 

Superior Accuracy™: Better informed, Better protected, Better prepared.

Be proactive with AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings backed by Superior Accuracy™, which will deliver site-specific alerts and warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you much-needed time to prepare. 

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