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Severe weather disrupts lives and businesses. Stay ahead with AccuWeather.

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Severe weather causes tens of billions of dollars in damage each year and on average over 100,000 direct deaths worldwide, in addition to another 250,000 fatalities due to weather-caused automobile accidents. Overall, global financial losses due to bad weather exceed $1.75 trillion each year.
+100k Direct deaths / year
250k Fatalities due to weather-caused automobile accidents
$1.75t Global financial losses/Year

Superior Accuracy means superior protection

AccuWeather provides highly localized severe weather warnings with Superior Accuracy™ and actionable insights that will help you and your business save lives, minimize risk, reduce losses and liability, and maximize revenues.

SkyGuard® Warnings

Specific to your location, AccuWeather SkyGuard® Warnings provide the most accurate, proactive, and detailed notifications of impending severe weather threats for tornadoes, hail, flooding, blizzards and more.

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Air Quality Notifications

Certified Consulting Meteorologists translate weather data and observations into comprehensive, courtroom-ready briefings, reports, and graphics.

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Snow Warning Service

A premium location-specific forecast and consulting service for snow and ice, backed by AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists and tailored to the thresholds you specify.

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No matter what Mother Nature brings; we can help protect your business. Partner with us for superior forecasts, accurate warnings, expert insights, and data services.

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