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AccuWeather Data Suite

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AccuWeather Data Suite—Make the best data-driven decisions

Rely on the AccuWeather Data Suite for the historical and current weather data you need to optimize your business and deliver a weather experience that will attract and retain a loyal customer base. We have the most complete and detailed high-resolution historical weather and environmental database available anywhere in the world.

Businesses utilizing AccuWeather Data Suite can harness weather’s power over mood and mindset to influence consumer decisions at the precise moment of action. Brands can reach consumers organically, predict real-life events, anticipate purchasing needs, and inspire action through personalized and localized brand messaging.



Variance-capturing metrics help you find previously unknown correlations that impact your sales and operations, including stronger and more relevant correlations than simply temperature and precipitation.

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Current and Forecast Conditions

Continuously updated and highly localized weather conditions ensure that your customers, marketing teams, and data scientists have access to the most complete, accurate, and current weather data and detailed forecast available.



Superior Accuracy™ matters. Deliver the most accurate forecasts and hyper-local content to grow your audience and build your business with the trust, confidence and proven leadership of AccuWeather.

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Climate Data

By taking existing climate model data sets and calibrating them with our industry-leading historical weather database, we can predict when climate models are overstating or understating future risks. Our one-of-a-kind climate service will allow you better prepare operations and mitigate impacts.


Authenticated Snow Totals

Snow contractors can base their charges and project quotes on accurate, authenticated snowfall amounts. While businesses can confirm that their snow removal service invoices are correct.


Lifestyle Indices

AccuWeather’s proprietary algorithms incorporate weather factors that impact health and wellness, activities, and transportation, giving insight into weather’s impact on consumer behavior and business outcomes.

The data you need and trust, in the format you want.

Our weather data covers every latitude and longitude point on Earth and is used by the world’s most recognized platforms, devices, and media outlets. Our proprietary system reviews, tests, validates, and corrects all observations in real-time, yielding clean and complete output at hourly intervals

The data you need can be delivered in the manner and format that work best for you. You can seamlessly integrate our data into any application, web page or analytics platform, and rest assured that AccuWeather's data will be available when you need it, with unmatched uptime and reliability.


Data Marketplaces

Convenient access to the most comprehensive and accurate weather data available via the world’s most popular data marketplaces.



AccuWeather’s API Developer Portal remains #1 for a good reason: the reliability and SuperiorAccuracy™ of our data, its ease of use, and its security.

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REST-based data services give your organization the ability to quickly access local weather information and detailed warnings in real-time via GIS mapping applications.


Flat Files

Receive the detailed, accurate weather data you need, configured to your specified format, through an FTP Flat File Transfer or direct data ingestion from an XML Query resource.

Why AccuWeather Data Suite?

  • Safer

    • For Media & Advertising: Through 1P geographic location data, AccuWeather Data Suite identifies users without the use of PII or past-action cookies.
    • Brand-safe, predictive environment for partners.
    • For Supply Chain: The forecasts are designed to focus on the impact on people and businesses, empowering partners to make the best weather-impacted decisions for their teams and operation.
  • Simpler

    • For Media & Advertising: Publishers using Xandr’s SSP can layer AccuWeather Data Suite via a simple Deal ID to expand their targeting capabilities and drive meaningful engagement with users.
    • No technical integrations, cookie requirements, DMP’s or need for extra reporting or billing. Xandr Curate platform manages the heavy optimization lift.
    • AccuWeather Data Suite acts as an extension of your Sales and Operations departments, assisting in deal and custom segment creation.
  • Smarter

    • Powered by the most accurate and advanced forecast engine.
    • Pinpointed local weather data providing a personalized approach to brand messaging and driving a deeper consumer connection.
    • Contextually relevant environments boost campaign engagement which, in turn, reduces waste and maximizes ROAS.
    • Enables new ways to generate models and understand the correlation of weather on any given product, advancing partners' machine-learning.

Current Conditions available for every application

The AccuWeather forecast dataset provides current conditions, daily forecasts for up to 90 days, and hourly forecasts for up to 240 hours, and includes over 100 weather parameters. Our forecasts cover 3.5 million named locations around the globe searchable by name, postal code, and latitude/longitude coordinates. Data is available in more than 100 languages and dialects.

Our historical weather database offers more than 60 years of domestic and international data, including hourly and daily data for over 350 variables.


Develop solutions. Boost sales. Improve customer satisfaction.

Build the weather experience you need right away with our API Developer Portal or contact us to schedule a weather data consultation.

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