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A superior solution for all your business weather needs

AccuWeather provides weather forecasts and actionable warnings with Superior Accuracy™, along with unique insights, to help thousands of businesses save lives, minimize risk, and reduce losses and liability.

Our high-resolution historical data and predictive analytics will help your business plan and operate more efficiently and significantly outperform your competitors.

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AccuWeather warnings provide the most accurate, proactive notification of impending threats to specific locations whenever severe weather threatens—24/7, 365 days a year.

Receive warnings for the severe weather threats and specific locations that matter to you, including tornadoes, hail, flooding, ice, black ice, blizzards, high winds, lightning, snow, wildfires, air quality, and more.

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Pinpoint forecasts with documented Superior Accuracy™ and enhanced reports that are customized and hyperlocal, enabling you to make the best decisions and get ahead of your competitors. We can provide event-driven reports describing where the highest impact risk will occur up to 10 days ahead, with informative long-term forecasts available for up to 24 months.

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AccuWeather Data Suite

AccuWeather Data Suite is the most comprehensive and high-resolution historical weather and environmental database available commercially. It's a must-have strategic tool for any business whose operations are impacted by the weather. The exclusive combination of patented technology, thousands of worldwide datapoints, and our unmatched weather forecasting expertise yield unequaled, variance capturing success into every machine learning and artificial intelligence project.

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AccuClimate Impact Forecast

Prepare for the impact of climate change and turn its inevitable challenges into new opportunities and increased profits by leveraging AccuWeather’s superior insights. Assess the impact of climate change through organizational impact scenarios up to the year 2100.

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Forensic Services

Our expert forensic meteorologists deliver unmatched support across a variety of case types, including slip and fall, insurance disputes, property damage, personal injury, criminal cases, wrongful death, and others.

Consulting services include detailed site-specific reports and weather briefings, trial and deposition testimony, weather-related incident overviews, analysis of reports and rebuttals prepared by experts, lightning strike data and mapping, Doppler radar data and analysis, high-resolution precipitation data, and unique, global historical weather data.

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Broadcast Solutions

Leading edge technology, graphics, video, print, and audio products bring AccuWeather’s superior forecasts and highly recognized brand to your television, radio, newspaper, digital, and in-person audiences.

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Give your team the AccuWeather For Business advantage.

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