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Snow Warning Service™

Superior Accuracy™ empowers you to make the best decision every single time snow and ice threaten. 

Insights tailored to your industry.

Inaccurate forecasts can mean disaster. 

If you aren’t using the AccuWeather Snow Warning Service for snow and ice, you aren’t using the best, most accurate forecast and will not make the right decision every time. AccuWeather has been proven to have Superior Accuracy compared to all sources; this is why you can not afford to go without it: 

  • We beat all weather sources - a 2023 study shows that AccuWeather was 33% more accurate than another weather source. 
  • Last winter, AccuWeather's start and end times of snow and ice had only an average error of 1½ hours compared to an average error of more than 3 hours from other sources.
  • Not using AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service will make your service less effective, increase your risk, and cause you to spend more money than you need to.
  • Independent studies show that our forecasts are significantly more accurate, more detailed, more specific, and more valuable than all other sources. 
  • AccuWeather has a 97% annual renewal rate. 

By choosing AccuWeather, you:

  • Virtually eliminate the risk of being surprised by snow and ice.
  • Stay constantly updated during the storm.
  • Schedule personnel most efficiently, minimizing overtime and other costs.
  • Have an advantage over your competitors. 
  • Serve your clients better.
  • Enhance your overall preparedness while curbing liability.

AccuWeather’s forecasts and warnings are far superior to all others, and that translates into you making better decisions regarding personnel, reducing overtime costs, making sure you are ready to salt or plow, being more efficient in fighting the storm, and minimizing accidents and snow and ice impacts on your city.





Prevent mistakes this winter. 

Virtually eliminate the risk of being caught off guard by snow and ice with AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service.




The Details you Need to Get and Stay Ahead of the Storm.

Your EXCLUSIVE umbrella of protection is delivered directly to your desktop:

  • Advance notice tailored to your deadlines
  • Most accurate storm duration (specific start and end times)
  • Most accurate total expected snow and ice accumulation
  • Precipitation type and periods of heaviest precipitation
  • Hourly wind and temperature forecasts before, during, and after the storm
  • Most accurate forecasts and changeover times of snow to ice to rain
  • Refreezing, drifting and other problems
  • Consultations with expert snow forecasters 24x7x365
  • NEW: Exclusive daily forecasts of upcoming snow and ice threats over the next 7 days
  • NEW: Exclusive video updates before and during storms  from our snow experts
  • Post-storm conditions and authenticated snow amounts
  • Seasonal forecast predictions -  starting in October, and are updated monthly as winter progresses

Stay Updated at Every Stage of the Storm

  • Alert

    A preliminary forecast typically issued when an approaching storm is more than 24 hours away, often 36-48 hours or even more. The Alert gives you a “heads up” about impactful snow and ice so that preparations/planning may be initiated.

  • Warnings

    Typically issued 18-24 hours in ADVANCE of the start of any snow that is expected to accumulate on roads or in the case of any ice accumulation so that preparation/planning can be implemented. Updated warnings are issued as appropriate throughout the storm. 

  • Issued during the storm, updates include phone consultations with our snow experts at any time. 
  • Advisories

    For informational purposes, a special statement is issued three or more hours before an event and is not always a call to action. Advisories mean that snow will generally be on the lighter side (typically an inch or less), and while some snow is expected, a plowing operation is not expected. Advisories are also used when freezing drizzle or freezing fog may be in the area or when there is a lesser threat of snow or ice that we want you to be aware of.

    Ice on Sidewalk

Need to verify snow and ice totals? We’ve got you covered.

With our Authenticated Snow Totals service, snow contractors can be confident that their charges are based on accurate, authenticated snowfall amounts. Businesses can confirm that their snow removal service invoices are correct.

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A few examples out of hundreds showing AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy.

Prevent mistakes this winter. 

Safeguard staff, minimize disruptions and maximize profits with AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service.