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First in Forecasting: AccuWeather warns businesses ahead of all other sources and, most accurately, about major mid-Atlantic snowstorm



AccuWeather outperformed ALL other weather services by providing most advance and most accurate forecasts for a major mid-Atlantic snowstorm on January 19, 2024.

Key Highlights

Most Advance Warning: AccuWeather once again demonstrated its Superior Accuracy™ by being the first to issue a snow accumulation map, providing businesses a crucial extra day-ahead notice, outpacing all other weather sources.

Most Accurate Forecasts: AccuWeather's forecasts surpassed competitors like WeatherWorks and the National Weather Service, accurately predicting snowfall totals, including the most precise forecast for Roanoke, Virginia, where other sources fell short.

Consistent Accuracy: From Pittsburgh to New York City, AccuWeather consistently outperformed competitors in predicting snowfall amounts, offering businesses, schools, and municipalities the edge in making informed and proactive decisions for safety and operational planning.

AccuWeather once again gave businesses the most advance notice and accurate forecasts when a major snowstorm moved through the mid-Atlantic on Jan. 19, 2024. AccuWeather, with proven Superior Accuracy™, warned businesses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia earlier than any other source. AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists also most accurately predicted more snow than any other source, including the National Weather Service and all other weather providers. 

AccuWeather’s most advanced notice: A day ahead of the rest

Once again, businesses, schools, and municipalities that use AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service received the most advance notice of this significant snowstorm. 

  • On Tuesday, January 16, AccuWeather was first, a day ahead of all other sources, to issue a snow accumulation map for snow across the mid-Atlantic.
  • In Pittsburgh, AccuWeather correctly and consistently predicted 3-6” of snow from the city on south. Other sources, including the NWS, predicted too little snow. 
  • AccuWeather snow forecasts were more accurate than other sources, including Apple Weather and in places like Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and the northern Jersey Shore.

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AccuWeather's most accurate forecasts - outperforming all other sources

New York City once again missed the heaviest snow. While at least 0.5” of snow accumulated in much of New York City, resulting in slippery roads and numerous traffic accidents, 1-2” was reported in the southern boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island, while 3-4” fell just south across parts of New Jersey. AccuWeather provided the most accurate description of this sharp variation stating, “storm total snowfall 1-3”; highest totals to the south” in all forecasts.

AccuWeather snow forecasts were more accurate than other sources, including Apple Weather and, including: 

  • Philadelphia, PA: 4-5” of snow was observed. AccuWeather predicted 3-6”, and Apple Weather only predicted 2-3”
  • Washington, DC: Around 3” of snow was observed. AccuWeather predicted around 3”, but Apple Weather only predicted 2”
  • Along the northern part of the Jersey Shore: Around 3” of snow was observed. AccuWeather predicted around 3”, but only forecasted 1.9”

In other areas: In Roanoke, Virginia, 3.8” of snow fell in the city, with several reports of 4” or even a little more nearby. AccuWeather forecasts of 2-4” were the most accurate of any source. Other sources, including the NWS and local television stations, predicted too little snow. One local TV station even completely incorrectly stated that in the Roanoke area, the probability of receiving 4 inches or more inches was 0%, and the probability of receiving two or more inches was only 40%. 

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AccuWeather correctly and consistently predicted 3-6” of snow from the city on south. Other sources, including the NWS, only predicted 2-3”. There were many reports of 3-4” across the city and reports of 6” just south. 

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Impact on businesses and industries: 

Businesses, companies, and communities using  AccuWeather's Snow Warning Servicewere better prepared to protect their people, property and profits in the following ways: 

  • Transportation and Logistics: AccuWeather's precise forecasts enable better planning for snow-related disruptions, reducing risks and minimizing operational costs for transportation and logistics companies.
  • Retail: Accurate weather forecasts empower retailers to optimize inventory, staffing, and customer engagement strategies during adverse weather conditions, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • Emergency Services: AccuWeather's lead time and accuracy are crucial for emergency services to plan and respond effectively, safeguarding lives and property during severe weather events.
  • Utilities: Utility companies benefit from AccuWeather's forecasts to anticipate and mitigate potential service disruptions caused by adverse weather, improving overall reliability.
  • Local Governments: Accurate predictions assist local governments in making informed decisions related to snow removal, road maintenance, and emergency response, enhancing public safety.

The value of AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service

The value of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, with proven Superior Accuracy, can provide you with the most accurate forecasts and set you up to make the best decisions for your business. AccuWeather serves hundreds of businesses and has a 97% renewal rate. 

Independent studies show that AccuWeather’s forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than those of all other sources. Last winter, AccuWeather’s average error for start and end times for snow and ice was just 1½ hours compared to an average error of more than 3 hours from other sources.

Virtually eliminate the chance of being surprised by snow and ice and turn winter challenges into profitable opportunities. Start making the best decision for your business this winter. Consult one of our experts today. 

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