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AccuWeather accurately predicts end of 'snow drought' in New York City, giving businesses the most advance, accurate forecasts



AccuWeather accurately predicted the end of a 701-day "snow drought" in New York City on January 16, 2024, providing the most advance and accurate forecast compared to other sources, which had significant implications for businesses and communities.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather issued its forecast of 1-2 inches of snow three days ahead of the snowfall, maintaining consistency throughout.

AccuWeather's forecast was spot on, with 1.6 inches of snow reported in Central Park, while other sources overforecast the snowfall.

AccuWeather's accurate and advance forecasts allowed businesses to adapt their strategies and allocate resources effectively, enhancing employee safety and operational continuity.

When snow is in the forecast, the most advance warning and accurate forecasts are vital for businesses. This was recently demonstrated when AccuWeather correctly predicted the end of a 701-day "snow drought" in New York City on Jan. 16, 2024, with a forecast that was both more accurate and issued earlier than any other source.

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AccuWeather provided the most advance notice of any source.

AccuWeather's forecast of 1-2 inches of snow was issued on Saturday morning, three days AHEAD of the snowfall, and remained consistent ahead of the storm. 

AccuWeather’s forecast was the most accurate compared to all others.

AccuWeather’s forecast was spot on, with 1.6 inches of snow reported in Central Park.  All other sources, including public government sources, predicted higher amounts of snow, which turned out to be overforecast.

This level of accuracy and advance notice by AccuWeather had real-life implications for businesses and communities. Accurate and timely weather forecasts allow businesses to adapt their strategies and allocate resources effectively to mitigate disruptions. For example, AccuWeather's accurate forecasts and warnings have helped businesses make swift, informed decisions during critical moments, protecting people, property, and profits. 

AccuWeather's forecasts have been instrumental in enhancing employee safety. By providing businesses with enough time to enact well-informed safety protocols, employees are made aware of risks. 

AccuWeather's forecasts also contribute to operational continuity. By providing early warnings and predictions about storms, businesses can prepare better and mitigate impacts, ensuring that their operations continue with minimal disruption.

In addition to businesses, schools, DOTs, government entities, and communities also benefit from AccuWeather's accurate and timely forecasts. By helping these organizations be better prepared for weather events, AccuWeather contributes to enhancing their safety and minimizing potential damage.

AccuWeather's recent success in predicting the end of New York City's snow drought is a testament to its commitment to providing the most accurate and advance weather forecasts. 

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The value of AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service™

The value of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, with proven Superior Accuracy, can provide you with the most accurate forecasts and set you up to make the best decisions for your business. AccuWeather serves hundreds of businesses and has a 97% renewal rate. 

Independent studies show that AccuWeather’s forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than all other sources. Last winter, AccuWeather’s average error for start and end times for snow and ice was just 1½ hours compared to an average error of more than 3 hours from other sources.

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