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SkyGuard® Severe Weather Warnings

10,000+ Lives saved
100,000+ Injuries prevented
Tens of Billions Dollars Saved in property damage

Stay ahead of severe weather. Protect your people, property and profits.

SkyGuard® severe weather warnings protect people and facilities in emergencies and are communicated instantly with a high level of accuracy through multiple channels and are customized to your needs.

AccuWeather’s team of Certified Storm Warning Meteorologists develop SkyGuard® warnings specifically for the severe weather threats and locations that matter to each individual client, including tornadoes, hail, flooding, ice, black ice, high winds, lightning, wildfires, unsafe air quality, and much more. SkyGuard® warnings are backed by always on-call expert consultants to help businesses and institutions make early, actionable decisions.

Additionally, SkyGuard® warnings help save money by reducing unnecessary responses to false alarms—when a government warning is issued for a broad region, but no threat is expected to cross a specific area.


Minutes Matter When Lives Are On The Line

Talk to an AccuWeather Expert immediately to better protect your people, property and profits.

No matter what industry you are in. Our actionable insights will help protect your business.

  • Emergency Management

    SkyGuard® warnings act as the trigger within an Emergency Action Plan, mobilizing resources and preparing for storm impact, minimizing weather-related risks and losses

  • Transportation Logistics

    Plan ahead and re-route your fleet to avoid adverse weather and maximize employee safety, while ensuring deliveries are made as scheduled

  • Manufacturing

    Allows you to enact emergency plans ahead of the storm and will alert you when severe weather is nearby but will not directly impact the site, helping you avoid costly shutdowns

  • Financial Services & Insurance

    Diminish loss ratios, manage financial risk, and provide data and call centers with SkyGuard® services tailored specifically for the needs of your organization

  • Healthcare

    Adjust staff schedules, minimize patient movement and only shelter when absolutely necessary, anticipate admissions influx, and take appropriate action to prevent equipment damage

  • Live Events & Outdoor Venues

    Protect fans, talent and staff from severe weather, manage operations, prepare wind-sensitive equipment and rigging ahead of changing conditions, and postpone rather than cancel

  • Educational Institutions

    Shelter students and staff when dangerous weather approaches and know exactly when the threat has passed. Count on SkyGuard® forecasts leading up to school-sanctioned outdoor activities

  • Retail

    Better position your inventory, quickly adjust distribution and operational needs, create new sales opportunities, and keep customers and revenue safe


What makes SkyGuard® warnings different?

SkyGuard® warnings are generated with AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy™, communicated in easy-to-understand terms, and backed by expert one-on-one meteorological consultation to help you make the right decision when seconds matter—24/7, 365 days a year.


Issued by AccuWeather meteorologists, not repackaged alerts from public sources.


Receive up to twice as much advance notice compared to other sources.


False alarms are greatly reduced, minimizing service interruptions while saving you time and money.


Be notified when a government-issued tornado warning is in effect but the tornado does not pose a direct threat to your operations.


If warnings are not acknowledged, a meteorologist will follow up to ensure you are aware.


SkyGuard® warnings are global and can cover organizations with multiple assets and locations.

Save time and money with SkyGuard®

AccuWeather has helped organizations save tens of billions of dollars in property damage. To show how powerful SkyGuard warnings are, an analysis of 18 total locations was performed over a three-year period. For these locations, government tornado warnings were issued 1,106 times and AccuWeather SkyGuard warnings were issued 259 times. Overall, government warnings resulted in a 78% false alarm rate with the false alarm rate within a 3 mile radius being 98.5%. Fewer false alarms mean fewer unnecessary and costly shutdowns resulting in less downtime.


Receive instant notifications and analyze severe weather from anywhere.

View, analyze, and manage your global severe weather components in one place—the AccuWeather For Business Portal, and receive near-instant push notifications of severe weather alerts with AccuWeather For Business’ Mobile App. All-clear notifications are delivered as soon as a threat is over, minimizing weather-related downtime.


Partner. Prepare. Protect.

Equip your team with the information they need to confidently make correct decisions wherever and whenever weather is a factor.

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