AccuWeather For Manufacturing Facilities

Get the ultimate level of protection from all weather hazards with AccuWeather’s warnings and forecasts with proven Superior Accuracy™.

10,000+ Lives saved
100,000+ Injuries prevented
Tens of Billions Saved in property damage

Make the best weather-impacted decisions every time. 

AccuWeather provides the most accurate forecasts and often more advance notice to your specific locations when severe weather threatens lives, facilities, or business operations – 24/7, 365 days a year.

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According to a recent study, weather is the #1 cause of business disruption. More than 700 factories, distribution centers, storage facilities, and production plants worldwide depend on and trust AccuWeather's SkyGuard Severe Weather Warnings to keep their people safer, minimize liability and risk, and often reduce insurance premiums.

Here is why you can not afford to go without AccuWeather's forecast and warnings with proven Superior Accuracy™:

  • In a recent study, across all time periods, and parameters, forecasts from a competitor were 65.6% less accurate than those available at the same time from AccuWeather.
  • AccuWeather forecasts for the start time of snow events had an average error of 1½ hours, whereas other sources averaged more than a 3-hour error, meaning AccuWeather was at least twice as accurate.
  • Independent studies confirm that AccuWeather's forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than all others.
  • You can directly integrate AccuWeather’s notifications into your emergency messaging system for seamless operation, ensuring valuable seconds are not lost.
  • AccuWeather's services will pay for themselves many times over in greater operational efficiencies. 


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The unique benefits of AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warning Service

  • Instant Alerts

    AccuWeather SkyGuard Severe Weather Warnings protect people and facilities in emergencies and communicate instantly with the highest level of accuracy through multiple channels and methods of dissemination, all customized to the client’s needs.

  • Customized Warnings

    AccuWeather’s team of expert meteorologists develop SkyGuard warnings specifically for the severe weather threats and locations that matter to each individual client, including tornadoes, hail, flooding, ice, black ice, high winds, lightning, and much more.
  • On-Call Meteorologists

    SkyGuard warnings are backed by always on-call expert consultants to help facilities make early, actionable decisions 24/7/365.  AccuWeather meteorologists are very experienced in providing the best insights to help businesses make the correct decision when lives are at stake, and you must make a decision in 30 seconds. Customers constantly highlight the immediate consultation with our experts as one of the best aspects of our service.
    AW Superior Accuracy
  • Null Tornado Notifications

    AccuWeather's low false alarm rate on tornado warnings reduces unnecessary disruptions. Our null tornado warnings let you know when a county-wide public tornado warning will not impact your location. This ensures efficient resource use and minimizes the impact on daily operations.



Here is how AccuWeather helps businesses save lives, protect property, and make the best decisions every time. 

Quotes from Valued AccuWeather Clients: 

The biggest impact we have seen is the reduction in the sheltering in several of our facilities in high tornado areas…This has improved our productivity and reduced our downtime, not to mention the associates like it that they are not in shelters for extended periods of time when not necessary.

- AccuWeather Client Senior Corporate Environmental, Health & Safety Manager


It was very comforting…to depend on having a meteorologist guiding us and letting us know what we needed to do in this event, so that was critical.



-Susan Hendrix Director EHSQ, Fujifilm Holdings America Corporation

Susan Roche Hendrix

The warning we received from AccuWeather was the only notice received before the tornado hit the building.



- AccuWeather Client Facilities Manager


AccuWeather is the best solution to any weather problem.


Problem: Shutting down a factory needlessly can cost $39,000 an hour for factories producing fast-moving consumer goods to more than $2 million an hour for auto manufacturers.

Solution: AccuWeather’s false alarm rate on tornado
warnings are only a fraction of the false alarm rate of NWS tornado warnings, greatly reducing unnecessary costly shutdowns, sometimes by as much as 80-90%
for a specific facility.

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Problem: Supply chain disruptions due to key suppliers
being impacted from severe weather.

Solution: AccuWeather’s proven Superior Accuracy means
you will operate more efficiently, plan better for weather impacts on supply chain, staffing, inventory, business continuity, sales and operations, as well as reduce your risk and liability.

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Problem: Logistics and distribution slowdowns or disruptions causing delayed or suspended shipments

Solution: AccuWeather’s customized forecasts for your operations and shipping routes enable you to better proactively adjust transportation routes, optimize
inventory management, and implement contingency plans, giving you the confidence to make the best decisions related to logistics operations during severe
weather events.


Problem: Increased costs due to employee/customer litigation stemming from weather-related damages or injury plus any regulatory financial penalties.

Solution: AccuWeather’s proven Superior Accuracy helps companies enhance safety, save lives, and improve their bottom line by millions of dollars per year. That is why AccuWeather’s cost is modest compared to the amount of
money your business can save.

 Hear how AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warnings help Fujifilm Holdings America Corporation minimize disruptions and keep staff safer. 


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