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Businesses not using AccuWeather's exclusive early alerts and most accurate forecasts lost billions by not being fully prepared for the Christmas storm

Businesses not using AccuWeather's exclusive early alerts and most accurate forecasts lost billions by not being fully prepared for the Christmas storm


Businesses lost billions of dollars, airlines were in chaos, and travelers were left stranded during the Christmas storm that swept the nation. Those who didn't utilize AccuWeather's exclusive alerts and warnings weren't as fully prepared as they could have been.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather provided two weeks of advance notice – more than other sources - that a devastating storm with record breaking cold would impact the week leading up to Christmas.

AccuWeather For Business issued a Storm Potential Outlook that correctly predicted the threat of a winter storm from the Midwest to the Northeast from Dec 22 – 23.

On December 15, before all competitors, AccuWeather accurately forecasted "increasing confidence of a major winter storm later next week…causing significant travel troubles" and "the coldest lead up to the Christmas holiday in decades."


AccuWeather's expert meteorologists warned first and more accurately about a significant storm that paralyzed cities and travelers over the Christmas holiday. AccuWeather helped businesses be better prepared to handle disruptions and logistical issues ahead of the storm. AccuWeather's severe weather warnings protect life, safety, and property better than competitors. Those who are not AccuWeather For Business clients suffered significant business disruptions, resulting in billions of dollars lost. If you didn't have AccuWeather, your business may not have been fully prepared in every way possible.

AccuWeather gave ten days advance notice that this significant winter storm would be dramatic and affect most of the nation. Many areas experienced severe weather, extreme winds, and powerful blizzards, resulting in disruptive travel delays and power failures. The storm turned deadly in Buffalo, with more than 50 fatalities.

  • On December 8, two weeks before the storm, AccuWeather's Long Range Forecast Team accurately identified the risk for a significant winter storm the week of Christmas.
  • On December 14, a week before the storm, AccuWeather accurately predicted a large, arctic outbreak and snow potential across the Plains, Midwest, and interior Northeast. 
  • Airlines weren't prepared, but AccuWeather knew the storm would impact flights. On December 19, AccuWeather correctly predicted the major travel impacts better than competitors by saying: "Two-thirds of the nation's flights on Thursday and Friday could be impacted…5,000 flights can be delayed or canceled," and that "the entire air system may take days to recover." One major airline canceled 80% of its flights on December 26. 
  • AccuWeather accurately forecasted that historic blizzard conditions in Buffalo would last over 36 hours, while our competitors didn't even mention a blizzard. AccuWeather also accurately predicted over 3 feet of snow.
  • AccuWeather was the only source to predict a low temperature below accurately -20F for Denver on the morning of December 22, while our competitors inaccurately predicted warmer temperatures.

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