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AccuWeather nails Northeast snowstorm forecasts weeks in advance

People clear a sidewalk during a winter snow storm in Philadelphia, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024. Parts of the Northeast were hit Tuesday by a snowstorm that canceled flights and schools and prompted warnings for people to stay off the roads. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


AccuWeather's Expert Long Range Forecast Team demonstrated Superior Accuracy™ by accurately predicting a significant mid-February snowstorm in the Northeast, providing clients with advanced notice and accurate forecasts, allowing them to better prepare.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather accurately forecasted the mid-February snowstorm in the Northeast in October within its exclusive Winter Forecast, providing advanced notice for potential snowfall.

On January 9, over a month ahead of the storm, AccuWeather predicted that “a February weather pattern” is favorable for “more storms along the Gulf Coast and East Coast.”

Unlike all other sources, AccuWeather's 30-Day Forecast in the Daily Executive Weather Briefing highlighted the Northeast snow risk a week and a half before the storm.

AccuWeather's Long Range Forecast Team has once again showcased its Superior Accuracy™ by most accurately predicting a significant snowstorm in the Northeast during mid-February. The advance notice was accurately forecast in October when AccuWeather issued its exclusive Winter Forecast, where the timeframe for potential snowfall in the Northeast during the middle of February was warned. This advance notice provided AccuWeather's clients with the time to best prepare for this major winter storm.

The storm caused Over 1,200 flights to be canceled across the Northeast, and more than 180,000 electric customers were without power.  

Unlike all other sources, AccuWeather's 30-Day Forecast, part of the AccuWeather Daily Executive Weather Briefing – 30-Day Forecast Newsletter, specifically forecasted the impending snow risk in the Northeast a week and a half before the storm hit. This timely information was invaluable for businesses, communities, and schools in the area. 

The Most Advance Notice

This early warning by AccuWeather’s expert storm warning meteorologists allowed for proactive preparations.

  • On January 9, over a month ahead of the storm, AccuWeather predicted that “a February weather pattern” is favorable for “more storms along the Gulf Coast and East Coast.”
  • On January 12, AccuWeather forecast “winter is not over, and cold, and stormy weather can return in February.”
  • On February 2, a week and a half before the storm, AccuWeather forecasted “a storm around February 13 will bring snow for the East."

The Most Accurate Forecasts

AccuWeather's U.S. Winter Forecast, issued in the fall of 2023, accurately forecast February as a favored time for snow in the Northeast. This was reinforced by meteorologist Paul Pastelok's statement in September, emphasizing the potential for an active and intense February.

The Impact of AccuWeather

  • Businesses: AccuWeather's advance notice allowed businesses to plan for disruptions, adjust staffing, and manage supply chains effectively. The accurate forecasts saved them from potential financial losses and emphasized the critical role of informed decision-making in weather event mitigation.
  • Schools: AccuWeather's timely forecasts gave superintendents essential information for informed decisions on closures, delays, and remote instruction. The advance notice empowered superintendents to make quick decisions, ensuring safety and eliminating frustrations for parents who could better plan.
  • Hospitals: AccuWeather's advance notice and accurate forecasts were crucial for hospitals. Emergency safety managers had time to optimize staffing, stock up on supplies, and coordinate patient care effectively. This early warning ensured that critical medical procedures and services continued without disruptions.
  • Communities:  AccuWeather's advance notice of the snowstorm allowed public safety officials to mobilize resources, clear roadways, and implement safety measures well before the storm hit. 

The AccuWeather Advantage

AccuWeather has no peers. By partnering with AccuWeather, you get the most accurate forecasts and advance notice and a strategic advantage in making critical operational and the best decisions. Our Superior Accuracy™ has a proven track record of saving lives, protecting reputations, and saving billions of dollars for our clients.

The Value of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service

The value of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, with proven Superior Accuracy, can provide you with the most accurate forecasts and set you up to make the best decisions for your business. AccuWeather serves hundreds of businesses and has a 97% renewal rate. 

Independent studies show that AccuWeather’s forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than those of all other sources. Last winter, AccuWeather’s average error for start and end times for snow and ice was just 1½ hours compared to an average error of more than 3 hours from other sources.

Virtually eliminate the chance of being surprised by snow and ice and turn winter challenges into profitable opportunities. Start making the best decision for your business this winter. Consult one of our experts today. 

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