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AccuWeather more accurately and consistently predicts snowfall in Chicago earlier than anyone else

Snow coming down on a busy road in Chicago


AccuWeather's world-renowned expert meteorologists provided the most accurate and consistent forecast using Superior Accuracy™, for a quick-hitting snowstorm impacting the Chicago area.

Key Highlights

Most Advanced Warning: Days in advance and ahead of competitors, AccuWeather highlighted the risk for disruptive snow and accurately highlighted the areas with the most significant risk for accumulating snow.

Most Accurate Forecasts: AccuWeather had accurately forecast that snow would mix with rain at times in the downtown Chicago area during the morning commute but that little to no snow would accumulate.

Most Consistent: Businesses not using AccuWeather were confused because of the inaccurate and frequently changing forecasts provided by competitors.

AccuWeather alerts, first, are the most accurate and reliable when safety matters.

AccuWeather's expert team of meteorologists provided the most accurate and consistent forecast about snow that impacted Chicago the first week of December. AccuWeather's forecasts, backed by Superior Accuracy™, correctly called for no accumulation expected in the downtown area, with a coating to an inch in the northwestern suburbs. 

After not forecasting any snow for days, our competitors started forecasting up to several inches of snow. When the snow didn't fall as predicted, our competitors changed their forecast, removing snow completely.

Businesses are better prepared to make the best weather-impacted decisions every time only with AccuWeather.

The weather event showcases the unique ways AccuWeather provides customers value by giving them the most accurate information so businesses can be better prepared. Businesses not using AccuWeather would have been confused about how to prepare because of our competitors' inaccurate and frequently changing forecasts. 

After not forecasting snow, our competitors incorrectly forecast snow accumulations for the city of Chicago and surrounding areas late December 8 before taking the accumulations out first and then December 9. 

This weather event proves that using AccuWeather allows you to avoid false alarms, access a one-on-one consultation with our experts, and have the best weather information at your fingertips to make the best weather decisions. 





Downtown Chicago 12/8 for 12/9

Little to no accumulation

Around an inch to up to 2.6 inches

Little to no accumulation

Northwestern Suburbs

12/8 for 12/9

Coating to an inch

1 - 3 inches to up to 5.2 inches

Reports of .5” inch to .8”/Coating to an inch

Protect your business and team members by making the best weather-impacted decisions with AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, backed by forecasts and warnings with Superior Accuracy™. AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service offers location-specific forecasts and 24x7x365 consulting services for snow, ice, blizzards, and other winter-hazard events. 


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