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AccuWeather provides more advance warnings and more accurate forecasts with proven Superior Accuracy™ to empower retailers to make the weather-impacted best decisions to increase sales, reduce losses and liability, and keep customers and employees safer.


Protect Property

Saved Tens of Billions in Property Damage

Increase Sales

Anticipate Demand & Plan Weather-Triggered Marketing

Decrease Losses

Avoid Stock-outs and Overstocking

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Make the best weather-impacted decisions every time. 

AccuWeather provides, on average, more advance warnings and more accurate forecasts when severe weather threatens supply chain, demand planning, and operations. 


AccuWeather's exceptional forecast accuracy, proven to be superior to all other sources in study after study, can give you a competitive edge in sales by alerting you of disruptive weather events before other sources.

Here is why you can not afford to go without AccuWeather's warnings and forecasts:

  • AccuWeather clients have said AccuWeather's services will pay for themselves dozens of times over.

  • In a recent study, across all time periods and parameters, forecasts from a competitor were 65.6% less accurate than those available at the same time from AccuWeather.
  • AccuWeather has a 97% annual renewal rate. 
  • AccuWeather forecasts for the start time of snow events had an average error of 1½ hours, whereas other sources averaged more than a 3-hour error, meaning AccuWeather was at least twice as accurate.
  • Independent studies confirm that AccuWeather's forecasts are significantly more accurate and more valuable than all others.
  • You can easily integrate AccuWeather’s notifications into your emergency messaging system for seamless operation, ensuring valuable seconds are not lost when severe weather threatens. 


Talk to an AccuWeather expert NOW for more information about how AccuWeather can help increase sales, reduce losses and keep employees safer.

We gave the stores a head start with the long-term severe forecast and the five-day precipitation forecast starting on Monday. We got the jump on our competition by two days… one of our best storm responses ever, as stores had massive amounts of product before the crush of customers. Everything worked perfectly.


- AccuWeather Client - Operations Manager of a National Home Improvement Retailer


Learn more about how AccuWeather can help your retail business make the best weather-impacted decisions: 

Keep Customers and Employees Safer and Protect Property from Severe WeatherMake the Best Long-term Planning Decisions on Stock, Supply Chains, and Staffing    Leverage Predictive Analytics to Better Anticipate Demand 

Actionable warnings with proven Superior Accuracy™ to better prepare for the real risks and real impacts of severe weather. 

Whether you're keeping customers and employees safer at one of your stores or employees at a distribution center, AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Severe Weather Warnings can help you plan better, keep people safer, and prevent losses. 

  • Reduce the risk and liability of severe weather incidents: Whether floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, snow, ice,  or disruptive storms—enhance safety at your susceptible facilities through actionable, highly accurate, site-specific warnings and updates. 
  • Significantly More Advance Warnings: Records clearly show that AccuWeather often provides more advance notice to get people to safety and for advanced planning than any other warning source. 
  • Reduce False Alarms at Your Warehouses or Stores: AccuWeather's false alarm reductions – when a government warning is issued for your area, but no immediate threat is expected at your specific location –  have proven consistently to greatly reduce costly, unnecessary shutdowns.
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  • One-on-One Consultations with a Meteorologist: For major weather-impacted decisions, our team of over 100 expert meteorologists is available 24x7 to consult and provide insights when key decisions are required. Our meteorology team is backed by the largest set of forecast computer models, the most complete and accurate global data and most patented technology than any other organization to help you make the best decisions when weather is a factor.

AccuWeather's Long-Range Forecasts will have you better prepared for every season. 

If you are not using AccuWeather for your long-term planning decisions regarding stock, supply chains, and staffing, you are at risk of making the wrong decisions. Whether it's two weeks to two years, AccuWeather has a team of expert long-range meteorologists who provide forecasts with proven Superior Accuracy months and often days earlier than all sources, ensuring your stores are better prepared for all weather hazards.

  • Understanding Seasonal Variations and Demand Fluctuations: Retailers who have leveraged AccuWeather's weather data understand how weather patterns influence consumer behavior. For instance, winter storms or scorching summer heatwaves can significantly impact the demand for specific products. 
  • Preparing for Supply Chain Disruptions: Severe weather events like hurricanes, snowstorms, and flooding can disrupt the entire supply chain. 
  • Optimizing Inventory: Retailers constantly challenge themselves to optimize their inventory. Weather-induced events can lead to sudden spikes in demand for certain products and dwindling sales for others. 
  • Mitigating Inventory Loss and Damage: Extreme weather conditions, such as flooding, power outages, or temperature fluctuations, can damage inventory. 


AccuWeather's Weather Data Can Help you Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

AccuWeather has the cleanest and most accurate historical database, with the greatest temporal resolution (minutes or hours), greatest spatial resolution (downscaled to one km), and the greatest number of parameters (300+) against which to correlate your business numbers. As a result of this combination, you can develop the best predictive algorithms that will allow you to forecast future results with the most accuracy, further enhanced by AccuWeather’s superior forecast accuracy.

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  • Leverage More Than 60 Years of Historical Data: Use AccuWeather’s uniquely detailed, highly localized, and sterilized historical weather database of 300+ metrics to identify correlations and statistical relationships between past weather conditions (and even forecasts) and your individual product sales by location or territory.
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  • Predictive Analytics to Manage Inventory: Turn correlations into predictive analytics so you can better anticipate demand and reduce stock-outs or excess inventory and run a more efficient supply chain.
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  • Use for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load): Efficiently manage and process large volumes of weather data, enhancing your data analytics and forecasting efforts. Easy to use data interfaces API or a flat file can be easily delivered to integrate into your FTP server.
  • Prescriptive Analytics to Drive Revenue and Profit: Use zip code-specific data for your retail locations to analyze impacts on foot traffic, sales trends, inventory management, and staffing needs. Better manage inventory levels, ensuring that stores are stocked with the right products at the right time and preventing stockouts. 

Here is how AccuWeather helps retailers like you make the best weather-impacted decisions every time. 

Testimonials from Valued AccuWeather Clients: 

With AccuWeather, reactive became proactive, and we’re just beginning to leverage this data... AccuWeather provides us with valuable opportunities when it comes to our point-in-time immediate consumable product offering, as well as being able to make actionable, cost-saving, or even revenue-generating decisions based on our grasp of the correlation between retail and weather.

AccuWeather Client Data Engineer


Before we had AccuWeather, we had to rely on alerts and forecast information from the National Weather Service. It was very slow and clunky, and we were not able to get timely information out to our units and travelers. This could have been very detrimental to our restaurants, family members, and customer safety.


- AccuWeather Client Emergency Manager


Our team certainly takes full advantage of AccuWeather’s meteorologists when these events are tracking our way. We appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes by your team. Your storm potential notices are awesome! Our teams really rely on these and it really helped to get product into the stores before the storm.


- AccuWeather Client - Manager, Logistics



Start making the best weather-impacted decisions regarding supply chain, demand planning and operations.

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