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Forensic Services 

Do you have a case where the weather played a role? Let our "weather detectives" help you.

Investigating historical weather events requires more than just a chart with data. AccuWeather’s expert forensic meteorologists deliver unmatched support across various case types—slip-and-falls, automobile accidents, insurance disputes, property damage, aviation, personal injury, criminal cases, wrongful death, and others—to help you strategize your case.

Consulting services include detailed site-specific written reports and verbal briefings, trial and deposition testimony, weather-related incident overviews, analysis of reports and rebuttals prepared by our experts, lightning strike data and mapping, Doppler radar data and analysis, high-resolution precipitation data, and unique, global historical weather data.

Forensics FAQ


Forensics Overview

Why you should choose an AccuWeather Forensic Expert


Forensics eBook

What legal and insurance professionals need to know about site-specific weather reports


A brand and credentials you can trust

With over 150 years of combined experience, our Certified Consulting Meteorologists tailor forensic capabilities to your specific needs.

Our team includes a Ph.D. and the most AMS1-Certified Consulting Meteorologists in our industry. We offer a wide range of products and services to provide a professional determination of the weather, such as snow loading, snow, ice, and rain amounts, hail, and lightning, as it relates to their specific case.

Nine ways AccuWeather’s forensic experts can help your case

  • Expert Interpretation

    We reconstruct previous weather conditions down to a street address for any time frame, from all available sources to determine how these conditions influence your case.

  • Special Expertise

    Receive easy-to-understand analyses for many case types, including roof collapse, hail damage, injury losses, explosions, high winds, flooding, slip/fall and more.

  • Accomplished Experience

    Add over 150 years of combined experience to your team. Our award-winning team has authored thousands of reports and provided expert testimony since 1962.

  • Instant Credibility

    As the world’s weather authority, we are recognized by 2B+ worldwide engaging daily through our mobile app,, TV network, radio and newspapers

  • Extensive Weather Data

    Our vast amount of archived weather data includes satellite imagery and doppler radar and lightning data, plus weather observations from thousands of locations.

  • Courtroom Graphics

    AccuWeather’s graphic artists create compelling and easy-to-understand graphics that support your case and increase presentation impact.

  • Communication Skills

    With years of experience, our experts provide juries with clear, concise explanations of complex scientific subject matter.

  • Collaboration Skills

    When requested, we collaborate with experts such as engineers and hydrologists to provide our opinion of the weather to assist with their own expertise.

  • Early Expert Opinion

    Involve our experts early in the legal process to help thoroughly examine reports and documents, and offer our initial opinions.


Obtain clear, credible testimony

AccuWeather’s forensic meteorologists provide expert weather studies, weather surveys and reconstructions of past weather events. We explain complex weather conditions in a relatable and understandable manner during depositions and trials.


Understand weather impacts

We translate weather data and observations into comprehensive, courtroom-ready briefings, reports, and graphics.


AccuWeather Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an important component when the weather is a factor in your case. Operating since 1962, AccuWeather is a highly regarded organization built on scientific expertise. It is likely your jury already has a positive relationship with us, using AccuWeather as their trusted source for weather information through our mobile application, and the AccuWeather Network.


Request a free consultation

Tell us about your case and one of our experts will be in touch. If you prefer talking with us over the phone regarding your forensic needs, call 814-235-8626 to speak directly to an AccuWeather forensic meteorologist.