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Snow Struggles: The challenges communities face during winter weather

winter Weather


Snow and ice storms can create chaos in communities, but having a plan and preparation can help minimize the impact.

Key Highlights

Snow and ice storms can disrupt transportation systems, leading to traffic congestion, delays, and accidents, making it crucial for jurisdictions to have preparedness measures in place.

Power outages caused by snow and ice storms can leave residents without electricity, heat, and access to clean water, emphasizing the importance of planning and resilience in utility systems.

Collaborative efforts among jurisdictions during snow and ice storms are essential for sharing real-time information, best practices, and resources, promoting community resilience and effective response strategies.

Snow and ice storms are winter weather events that can significantly impact communities. These storms can wreak havoc on communities, from disrupting transportation systems to causing power outages and property damage. However, with advanced detection and warnings, communities can be better prepared to mitigate the consequences and ensure the safety of the people who live and work there. This is where AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service™ plays a crucial role.

Impacts of snow and ice storms on communities

Preparing for snow and ice storms is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of communities. Establishing comprehensive emergency plans that outline specific protocols for dealing with severe winter weather, such as monitoring AccuWeather's forecasts, activating emergency response teams, and communicating with residents about impending storms.

Investing in a fleet of snowplows equipped with salt spreaders can help keep roadways clear and safe, while stockpiling salt, sand, and other de-icing materials in advance is beneficial. Collaboration between local government agencies and businesses is essential to effectively prepare for and respond to snow and ice storms, minimizing their impact on communities.

Here are some of the unique challenges communities face during snow and ice storms: 

  • Transportation: Transportation systems are severely affected, resulting in road closures, traffic congestion, delays, and accidents. 
  • Dangerous Road Conditions: Roads become slippery, and visibility decreases, making travel dangerous. This hampers emergency services and increases response times, potentially risking lives.
  • Power Outages: Utilities like power lines and heating systems are also highly susceptible to heavy snowfall and ice accumulation damage. Power outages can occur, leaving residents without electricity, heat, and even access to clean water. 
  • Economic Impact: The economic impact is also considerable, with businesses forced to close and productivity significantly reduced.
  • Property Damage: Snow and ice storms can cause damage to infrastructure, including buildings, trees, and utility poles. Collapsed roofs, fallen trees, and damaged structures create hazardous conditions and the need for extensive and costly repairs.

The advantage of AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service™

AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service is a comprehensive solution designed to provide timely and accurate alerts tailored to the specific needs of communities. AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy™ provides you with an exclusive “umbrella of protection,” enabling you to make the best decision every time! Our service includes specific and detailed alerts and warnings before the storm, then ongoing updates during the storm, and a daily 7-day forecast of any upcoming ice and snow threats. All of this is tailored and localized to your specific jurisdiction. Also, phone consultations with our snow experts are available anytime, day or night.

Last winter, AccuWeather forecasts for the starting and ending times of snow events had an average error of 1½ hours, whereas other sources averaged more than a 3-hour plus error, meaning AccuWeather was at least twice as accurate when minutes counted.

The choice is clear: AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service ensures unmatched accuracy, proactive alerts, and personalized support back every decision you make when snow and ice threaten. We don't just predict; we give you information so you can take action confidently.

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