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Wildfire Proximity Notifications

Receive real-time wildfire alerts, integrated with AccuWeather’s world-class enterprise-level SkyGuard® platform for an immediate notification when a large wildfire has sparked within 5 miles of your asset locations so that you can activate safety and business continuity plans.

AccuWeather notifications eliminate uncertainty when wildfires ignite.

The most rapidly growing wildfires can spread at a rate of 50 mph or more. Fire safety and evacuation procedures are critical closest to the time of ignition. AccuWeather’s Wildfire Proximity Notifications can make all the difference when minutes matter.

AccuWeather’s track record of Superior Accuracy™ in weather forecasting and warnings has saved our clients tens of billions of dollars, saved the lives of employees and customers, and minimized reputational harm.  

AccuWeather better describes the impact of weather threats on people and businesses so you will make better decisions.


Mitigate risk for your people, production and profits.

Receive an immediate heads-up that a wildfire has sparked within 5 miles of your asset location(s). Notifications and insights are issued through our enterprise-level SkyGuard® platform—including the AccuWeather For Business Portal and Mobile App—and are backed by our expert meteorologists who monitor your assets 24/7 and are available for 1:1 and group meteorological consultations on-demand.


First Alerts

Notifications customized to your requested thresholds are supported by state-of-the-art technology and backed by an expert team of meteorologists. A meteorologist will follow up to ensure you are aware.


Simplified Communication

Create user access, maintain your distribution lists, and customize warning text all from a single platform. On-demand access to all SkyGuard warnings can be accessed by key personnel throughout your organization.


Turnkey Monitoring

No software downloads, hardware installation or maintenance required – notifications can be sent via SMS, email, web, the SkyGuard Mobile application, and through third-party mass notification service integration


Improve Resilience

Establish instant awareness for decision-makers and field staff when it matters most. In one weather emergency after another, AccuWeather has been the first, and often the only warning of life-threatening weather events.


Partner. Prepare. Protect.

Protect people and production with 24/7 weather warnings and 1:1 consulting from our expert meteorologists.

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