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Super fog: What it is and how to prepare for it.



Super fog is a hazardous weather condition resulting from the combination of smoke from fires and dense fog, drastically reducing visibility and posing a significant risk.

Key Highlights

In October 2023, super fog comprised of smoke from marsh fires and dense fog led to a tragic highway accident in Louisiana, resulting in seven fatalities and 30 injuries.

Super fog can create near-zero visibility and be extremely dangerous conditions for businesses.

Staff should undergo training, equip themselves with the right tools, establish communication plans and plan routes carefully to navigate super fog conditions safely, protecting lives and assets.

For the second time in less than a month, super fog has caused a deadly accident in Louisiana. One person was killed in a multi-vehicle crash along I-10 in New Orleans East when super fog created near-zero visibility. In October 2023, super fog made of smoke from marsh fires and dense fog caused crashes that killed at least seven people and injured 30 on I-55 in Louisiana. What is super fog and why is it so dangerous? 

superfogA view of Interstate 10 near the area of the crash on Nov. 7, 2023. (X/@WhoaNah_ANT)

What is super fog?

Super fog is a type of fog that occurs when smoke from fires combines with dense fog. This combination can create a thick, opaque fog that can reduce visibility to almost zero. Super fog is especially dangerous for drivers, as it can cause multi-vehicle pileups and other accidents.

How to prepare for super fog?

Emergency responders, public safety officers and truckers can take several steps to prepare for super fog and reduce the risk of accidents. Some of the steps that can be taken include:

  • Training: Emergency responders and public safety officers should receive training on responding to super fog conditions. This training should include information on how to safely navigate through the fog, how to communicate with other responders and how to coordinate response efforts.
  • Equipment: Emergency responders and public safety officers should have the appropriate equipment to respond to super fog conditions. This may include specialized vehicles, such as those equipped with infrared cameras, and personal protective equipment, such as respirators and goggles.
  • Communication: Communication is key during super fog conditions. Emergency responders and public safety officers should have a communication plan in place to ensure that they can communicate with each other and with other agencies. This plan should include backup communication methods in case primary methods fail.
  • Planning: Truckers should plan their routes carefully to avoid areas where super fog is likely to occur. They should also have a plan for what to do if they encounter super fog conditions, such as pulling over to a safe location and waiting for conditions to improve.

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