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Wildfire Season: How is your business prepared?


Learn how you can protect your business from catastrophic loss and disruption by understanding and reducing wildfire risk

Key Highlights

All-time record highs will be challenged over the weekend

Fire danger is expected to be elevated due to the heat and dry conditions

Get the exclusive, in-depth outlook for the 2021 wildfire season

A potentially record-setting heat wave is expected to unfold across the Northwest U.S. and western Canada on Friday, June 25 and will reach its peak Sunday into Monday.

Hundreds of new record high temperatures are likely to be set during this heat wave, with the potential for new all-time record high temperatures. The all-time record high temperature of 113º F for Canada may be in jeopardy. 

This heat wave may be a particularly dangerous one, as some interior valleys from eastern Oregon to south-central British Columbia may approach the 115-degree mark Sunday and Monday. People who have to be outdoors during the afternoon and evening hours will need to keep hydrated and seek shade when possible. It will not take much time to become dehydrated or suffer from even worse heat-related illnesses.

This heat wave is also expected to put significant stress on the power grid. Unfortunately, many homes across the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia do not have air conditioning since extreme heat is a rare event. 

Fire danger is also expected to be elevated due to the heat and dry conditions. Any fires that do start may spread rapidly. Smoke from fires may also become trapped close to the ground, leading to poor air quality and low visibility. 


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Yet another above-average wildfire season is expected in 2021 as extreme weather continues to affect the globe. AccuWeather meteorologists predict an astonishing 9.5 million acres could burn this year, well above the 10-year average of 6.8 million. Feel secure in the face of inclement weather by taking steps now to minimize event impacts through proper planning and preparation.

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