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Summer 2021 outlook: Extreme heat to spike cooling demands and prolong wildfire threat


How can you mitigate risks to your business associated with extreme heat and drought?

Key Highlights

Much of the West, Northern Plains and Northeast to experience temperatures 2-3 degrees F higher than normal

Extreme heat as a direct result of long-term drought can disrupt a variety of industries

Turnkey solution: Add weather intelligence to your decision-making process

June sets the stage

Meteorological summer, which began June 1, kicked off with a slew of record-breaking temperatures from the Pacific Northwest to the Northern Plains and Canadian Prairies. As the heat sets its sight on the Northeast, more records may be broken in the first week of June alone, several weeks shy of the start of astronomical summer on June 20.

Summer Outlook

Much like the extreme cold that impacted Texas in February, extreme heat also has significant consequences for a variety of industries. What claims need to be made when a wildfire damages your business? What happens if rolling blackouts are expected due to higher than normal energy use for air conditioning? At what point in extreme heat do railroad tracks start to buckle? 

From June to August, there’s confidence in temperature departures of 3 degrees Fahrenheit or greater across portions of the Southwest and the Northern Plains.

June-August 2021 Temperature Departures From Normal

Expert Forecasts

Significant drought conditions can have far-reaching effects on industries such as energy, retail, transportation and healthcare. AccuWeather For Business has the expertise and tools to ensure your organization is prepared to handle extreme temperatures.

Our weather solutions are built on industry experience and ongoing partnerships, and take historical parameters and forecasts into account. Custom metrics use over 350 hourly and daily forecast values, making this a truly unique and comprehensive data offering.


Facing warmer than normal daytime temperatures resulting from drier soils, consumers are expected to demand more power than normal, seeking to maintain comfort levels.

AccuWeather’s long-range forecasts, extending past seasonal horizons, expose approaching risk by defining demand possibilities, allowing retailers to hedge power needs well in advance.


Retailers wisely make use of mid to long-range predictions to appropriately stock and place seasonal products like portable air conditioners, summer clothing, and generators ahead of an early and prolonged seasonal demand.

Providing a diverse list of weather metrics, AccuWeather supports data science teams with variance-capturing variables to predict the approaching and unusual seasonal demand.


Temperature extremes adversely impact railroad tracks, requiring physical inspection. Seasonal inspection operations can be significantly altered by extreme weather changes, radically impacting costs, labor and schedules. Having advance notice of temperatures above a certain threshold allows timely scheduling of track inspection and prevents derailments.

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