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Record heat expected through late week


Records may be broken from California to the Pacific Northwest through Wednesday and into the Northern Plains and Canadian Prairies by late week.

Key Highlights

Threats: Worsening drought, increased fire risk, air quality concerns

States affected: WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, UT, MN, WY, SD, ND

When: Wednesday, June 2 - Saturday, June 5

Record highs, worsening drought

Temperatures during this time period are anticipated to reach levels that are 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above normal for early June. Dry conditions are expected to put stress on the ongoing severe drought across the region, increasing the risk for wildfires.

Daily record highs could be challenged and surpassed Wednesday across interior portions of the Pacific Northwest. Cities like Billings, MT and Fargo, ND can expect daily record highs to be challenged Thursday through Saturday. Widespread 90s are anticipated during the period, while some locations may even approach the 100-degree mark.

Interior west sizzles through Wednesday.

Heat expands Thursday-Saturday

Dry conditions are anticipated across these areas, worsening the ongoing drought in North Dakota and the Canadian Prairies.

California: avoid employee wellness concerns and costly penalties with Air Quality Alerting.

  • Severe pollution and extreme heat can contribute to air travel delays, shipment disruptions, and trigger operational regulations
  • Heat-related illnesses for those that work outdoors should be top of mind
  • Plan for poor outdoor air quality to have a negative impact on job performance indoors and outdoors

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