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Southwest heat continues as drought worsens


Records will again be challenged into the weekend

Key Highlights

Threats: Worsening drought, risk of heat-related illnesses, power grid stressed, increasing fire danger

States affected: CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, WY, CO, TX

When: Thursday, June 17 - Sunday, June 20

Much of the same for sizzling southwest

The southwestern United States, an area already experiencing worsening drought conditions and elevated fire risk, can expect a massive heatwave heading into this weekend. Temperatures will range anywhere from 15-25 degrees above normal across the West, breaking daily temperature records and even challenging some all-time June temperature records. Some locations in the lower deserts of California and Arizona may surpass 120 degrees.


Demand for cooling taxes grid load

Higher energy demand for cooling across the region will put added stress on the power grid, which may lead to some power cuts. The prolonged and widespread nature of the heat will also further strain infrastructure and residents.

Staff working outdoors for a prolonged period of time should exercise extreme caution. Drink plenty of fluids and wear light-colored clothing if possible. In some of the hottest locations in the Southwest, any outdoor activity can prove life-threatening in a short period of time.

Relief may be on the way as the heat is expected to slowly ease late this weekend into early next week.

  • Severe pollution and extreme heat can contribute to air travel delays, shipment disruptions and trigger operational regulations
  • Heat-related illnesses for those that work outdoors should be top of mind
  • Plan for poor outdoor air quality to have a negative impact on job performance indoors and outdoors
  • Anticipate power disruptions due to rolling blackouts and grid overload

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