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AccuWeather's SkyGuard a game-changer for children's hospital


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"Forever in the crosshairs of consistent severe weather events, partnering with AccuWeather and their SkyGuard service has been a complete game-changing upgrade to our weather preparedness and peace of mind in protecting patients and staff. "

Blake Robertson, MBA, CHEC II

Director Support Operations, Emergency Preparedness LeBonheur Children's Hospital


Unreliable weather data leading to hesitant emergency response


The game-changing upgrade with AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warnings

Severe weather events present significant challenges for healthcare facilities, particularly those in high-risk areas. LeBonheur Children's Hospital, situated in an area prone to frequent severe weather, encountered difficulties promptly activating its emergency response due to unreliable weather data.

The hospital is dedicated to providing the highest care and safety for young patients and staff. However, the consistent threat of severe weather posed a significant obstacle to their emergency preparedness efforts. The lack of accurate and timely weather information became a major hurdle, leaving patients and staff vulnerable to safety risks and causing unnecessary disruptions in hospital operations.

As a result, LeBonheur Children's Hospital has implemented AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warnings to address this issue. Integrating the SkyGuard Warning service into their emergency preparedness protocols allows the hospital to access precise and localized weather information specific to their geographical location. This upgrade ensures that their response activations are based on real-time observations and reliable forecasts provided by AccuWeather's comprehensive data.

AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warnings have transformed how LeBonheur Children's Hospital responds to severe weather threats. Hospital staff now possess a trustworthy source of weather data, enabling them to make confident decisions in real time. By leveraging the expertise of AccuWeather's meteorologists, the hospital can better interpret the information received and understand its impact on daily operations. With this reliable weather data, the hospital can tailor their response activations to meet the unique requirements and vulnerabilities of its facility, ensuring the safety of patients and staff while minimizing unnecessary disruptions.

"Prior to SkyGuard, our response activations were often hesitant and indeterminate based on multiple sources. Gone are the days of basing these critical decisions on unreliable input; with SkyGuard, we now confidently activate or, more importantly, don’t activate unnecessarily based on real data and observation affecting our specific location," Robertson said.   

Through the implementation of AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warnings, LeBonheur Children's Hospital has significantly improved its decision-making capabilities, minimized operational disruptions, and enhanced overall safety for everyone within its care.

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