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Why CF Industries Relies on SkyGuard Warnings During Lightning Storms


By utilizing SkyGuard®, CF Industries saves $84,000 yearly, on average, not including recovered profit from the additional fertilizer produced by eliminating unnecessary shelter and downtime.

Key Highlights

Because of fertilizer’s volatile nature, CF Industries will shut down operations any time there is a lightning strike within an 8-mile radius

AccuWeather leverages Superior Accuracy™ to reduce false alarm rates by 70-80% supporting protection and profitability

SkyGuard warnings are created by expert meteorologists 24/7, providing proactive, site-specific notifications about weather threats only when necessary


Lightning strikes are an enormous safety concern for any organization, often causing extensive damage and sometimes injury or death. In the case of CF Industries - a company that transforms natural gas into nitrogen used to fertilize crops - it is imperative to have an accurate weather warning system in place to alert employees of impending storms.

Many of CF Industries’ employees work outdoors, and because of fertilizer’s volatile nature, they will shut down operations any time there is a lightning strike within an 8-mile radius. However, once the lightning threat moves outside of that radius, they need an all-clear so they can return to normal operations as quickly as possible. This capability is built right into our lightning alert product.

Lightning alerts provide substantial advance notice of threats to life and property, even before the first bolt within an unsafe distance. Furthermore, SkyGuard Lightning Warnings can push custom operational process and procedure information to management and/or employees instantly so they know exactly how to deal with the threat. Similar capabilities span across all of our warning products.


For companies like CF Industries, time is money, and AccuWeather For Business SkyGuard Warnings provide proactive, site-specific notifications about weather threats that not only help minimize weather-related disruptions but also keep their employees and operations safe.

By taking the time to discuss CF Industries’ concerns, AccuWeather For Business offered solutions to their specific weather-related challenges. In addition, AFB trained stakeholders on the Portal, which provides a customizable, interactive space to centralize weather information. It enhances access to business intelligence and situational awareness, giving them confidence in their decision-making when weather becomes a factor. When away from the portal the SkyGuard app takes over, allowing them to monitor the weather and relay information to employees from the palm of their hands - from anywhere!

Much like CF Industries, AccuWeather For Business' other clients trust and understand the value of SkyGuard warnings. Compared to public and government warnings, AccuWeather can help reduce false alarm rates by 70-80%.


Proven results from SkyGuard warnings led CF Industries to implement the system at all locations. They now have more advance notice to shelter employees, prevent injuries, and save money by minimizing facility downtime during false alarms and gain credibility by executing a reliable warning system backed by Superior Accuracy.

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