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Protect your business from wildfire disruptions with AccuWeather



Businesses facing the challenges of wildfires can mitigate risks with AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications, which offer real-time alerts within a 10-mile radius, enabling informed decisions to ensure safety and operational continuity.

Key Highlights

Recent devastating wildfires highlight the need for businesses to address the economic impacts of natural disasters beyond their immediate location.

AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications provide early warnings within a 10-mile radius, powered by expert meteorological insights and the SkyGuard® platform.

These notifications empower businesses to proactively protect employees, make informed decisions and maintain operational efficiency during wildfire threats.

Recent devastating wildfires, such as those that swept through Maui, remind businesses of challenges. Wildfires can have far-reaching consequences beyond their immediate location, impacting businesses even if not directly in the fire's path. These challenges can range from supply chain disruptions to shifts in consumer behavior, emphasizing the need for all businesses to recognize and address the potential economic impacts.

To mitigate these risks, it's important for companies and communities to plan ahead. With AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications, businesses can make informed decisions, protect their assets and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

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Understanding Wildfire Proximity Notifications

AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications are an early warning system, enabling businesses to receive immediate alerts when a wildfire ignites within a 10-mile radius of their asset locations. This proximity-based approach acknowledges how fast wildfires can spread, which can spread at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour. By providing businesses with real-time information about nearby wildfires, AccuWeather aims to empower them to take timely actions that mitigate risks to personnel, production processes and profitability.

Real-time Insights, Expert Guidance

One of the key features of AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications is its integration with AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® platform. This is the central hub for issuing notifications and insights, accessible through the AccuWeather For Business Portal and Mobile App. The notifications are not automated alerts, but are carefully created by AccuWeather's team of expert meteorologists. These meteorologists monitor your assets 24/7, to deliver accurate and timely updates. Businesses can also speak to a meteorologist one-on-one so they can make informed decisions in response to evolving wildfire scenarios.

How does it work? 

Imagine a remote construction company operating in an area susceptible to wildfires. While the fires rage several miles away, the company's headquarters and active projects seem distant from the immediate danger. However, the company understands that wind shifts can rapidly alter the situation. This is where AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications come in.

As the winds change, a wildfire ignites within 10 miles of the company's location. Thanks to the alert from AccuWeather, the company's safety officer is immediately informed. They assess the situation, realizing that while the fire doesn't directly threaten their operations, smoke and ash could still pose risks to their employees' health and project timelines.

The company's operations manager contacts one of AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists. Based on the company's predefined thresholds for notifications, the meteorologist confirms the potential for smoke and ash dispersion toward their area. With this insight, the company decides to implement preventative measures, temporarily halting outdoor work and providing respiratory equipment for on-site personnel.

The company utilizes the AccuWeather For Business Portal to communicate the situation to all employees, ensuring they're informed about the changes and safety precautions. The meteorologist communicates with decision-makers as the wildfire continues, offering updates on wind patterns and fire movement.

Fortunately, the fire remains at a safe distance, and the company's proactive approach has prevented any health issues among employees. As the situation stabilizes, the consultant gives the green light for outdoor work to resume. AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications have protected its employees and demonstrated the company's commitment to safety and maintained efficient operations, even when potential threats seem distant.

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Be informed: Be prepared with AccuWeather For Business. 

Early notification of a wildfire can help mitigate the risk to your people, business continuity and profits. AccuWeather's Wildfire Proximity Notifications are delivered as soon as the fire is detected and are backed by AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy™. When a wildfire has sparked within 10 miles of your asset locations, you receive insights and notifications from our expert meteorologists. Your locations are monitored 24x7x365 and available for one-on-one consultation for wildfire alerts, air quality alerts, high winds and more. 

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