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AccuWeather provides more advance notice, superior forecasts ahead of Midwest, Ohio Valley severe thunderstorms

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AccuWeather’s expert storm warning meteorologists once again helped save lives and better prepare and protect businesses when severe thunderstorms moved through the Midwest and Ohio Valley.

Key Highlights

Six days ahead of the severe thunderstorms and one day ahead of the National Weather Service and other sources, AccuWeather For Business customers received this exclusive forecast ahead of any other source.

In Geneva, IL, AccuWeather's warning gave 33 minutes more notice than the National Weather Service (NWS) before an EF1 tornado struck.

AccuWeather accurately predicted severe storms in Ohio two days ahead of the NWS, highlighting the tornado risk.

AccuWeather’s expert storm warning meteorologists once again helped save lives and better protect businesses when severe thunderstorms moved through the Midwest and Ohio Valley on Feb. 27-28. A clash of contrasting airmasses led to tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, and flash floods across several states, including Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. AccuWeather forecasts, with proven Superior Accuracy™, provided businesses with significantly more advance notice than all other sources, including the National Weather Service, allowing businesses to better prepare and better protect their people. 

Superior Tornado Warnings, Early Alerts, Exclusive Forecasts

AccuWeather's Storm Warning Meteorologists issued life-saving SkyGuard® Tornado Warnings that provided significantly more advance notice than all other sources. 

In addition to the examples above:  

  • In Big Rock, IL, AccuWeather exclusively provided 29 minutes of advance notice before a tornado hit, while other sources failed to issue a warning until after the tornado touched down.
  • Near Sugar Grove, IL, AccuWeather's warning offered 12 minutes more advance notice than other sources before another EF1 tornado touched down. 

AccuWeather upgraded to a higher threat level 24 hours before the severe weather outbreak, more accurately pinpointed severe weather risks over northern Illinois and expanded warnings into Ohio ahead of competitors.

AccuWeather's proactive approach was evident days before the severe weather event:

  • Two days ahead of any other source, including the NWS, AccuWeather accurately predicted severe thunderstorms in Ohio on Tuesday night, with tornadoes being one of the risks.
  • AccuWeather issued alerts about tornadoes almost 5 hours earlier than any other source for northern Illinois and northwestern Indiana. The government and all other sources issued a tornado watch only 2 hours before the first tornado touched down.

Impactful Communication

AccuWeather's use of specific language like "watch for damaging winds, hail, and a tornado" effectively conveyed the imminent risks to residents in the Chicago area.

AccuWeather's commitment to providing accurate forecasts and timely warnings benefits its business customers and ensures public safety by offering crucial lead time for preparation during severe weather events.

AccuWeather SkyGuard Severe Weather Warnings

AccuWeather SkyGuard severe weather warnings protect people and facilities in emergencies and communicate instantly with a high level of accuracy through multiple channels and methods of dissemination, all customized to the client’s needs. 

SkyGuard warnings provide the most accurate, proactive notification of impending threats to specific locations when severe weather threatens human lives, facilities, or business operations – 24/7, 365 days a year. 

AccuWeather’s team of expert meteorologists develop SkyGuard warnings specifically for the severe weather threats and locations that matter to each individual client, including tornadoes, hail, flooding, ice, black ice, high winds, lightning, and much more. 

SkyGuard warnings are always backed by on-call expert consultants to help businesses and institutions make early, actionable decisions.

Talk with one of our experts today to learn how SkyGuard can help you be better prepared.