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AccuWeather's early warnings help saves lives in Texas and Louisiana when severe thunderstorms threaten


Businesses in Texas and Louisiana were better prepared from AccuWeather's expert meteorologists' advance warning of severe thunderstorms, saving lives and protecting property.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather began highlighting the risk of severe weather days in advance and before our competitors.

AccuWeather meteorologists alerted businesses about the threat of flooding downpours and damaging winds.

Businesses that did not use AccuWeather's SkyGuard warnings service didn't get the advance warning and put their people, property, and profits at risk.


AccuWeather's world-renowned meteorologists warned businesses of severe thunderstorms in Texas and Louisiana, allowing them to be better prepared and saving lives. On the evening on January 7, severe thunderstorms swept through eastern Texas and northwest Louisiana, producing heavy downpours, golf-ball-sized hail, and gusty winds that downed powerlines and trees. Businesses that did not use AccuWeather's SkyGuard warnings service didn't get the advance warning they needed and put their people, property, and profits at risk. 

  • On January 5, two days before the storm hit, AccuWeather meteorologists began highlighting the threat of severe weather from southeastern Texas to areas of north-central Louisiana for the evening on January 7. 
  • AccuWeather indicated the risk of flooding downpours and damaging wind gusts within the strongest storms. 
  • Our competitors only began to outline the threat of severe thunderstorms the day the storms would develop, putting lives and businesses at risk. 


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AccuWeather demonstrated its Superior Accuracy™ by giving people and businesses multiple days of lead time to protect their lives and property. AccuWeather For Business once again provided customers with precious additional time to better prepare and seek safe shelter – critical when every second counts and lives are on the line.


Accurate forecasts and warnings allow companies to plan better and keep their teams and customers safer. We have saved 10,000+ lives, prevented 100,000+ injuries, and saved companies tens of billions of dollars. As an example of our Superior Accuracy™ when tornadoes are in the forecast, we provide 16 minutes of advance notice compared to an average of 8 minutes from other sources. Our false alarm rate is also much smaller, saving you from costly shutdowns.

AccuWeather's forecasts are more accurate, detailed, localized, customized, and often issued ahead of all other sources. As a result, you have more time to operate more efficiently, minimize the risk of reputational harm, and, most importantly, keep your teams and customers safer.

Be proactive with AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warnings, which will deliver site-specific alerts and offer warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you much-needed time to be prepared. 

Benefits of SkyGuard® Warnings: 

  • Proactive, site-specific alerts offer warnings well before severe weather impacts occur
  • Live one-on-one or group consultation is provided by our weather experts anytime, day or night
  • Alerts delivered in a format that aligns with your organizational emergency management plan
  • All-clear notifications are sent when a threat is over, minimizing weather-related downtime
  • All alerts are delivered via push notification from the SkyGuard mobile app, available on Android and iOS

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