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2024 Severe weather season looks to be an active one for businesses in Tornado Alley and beyond

Tornado near Kimball, Nebraska - stock photo


As the 2024 severe weather season nears, AccuWeather predicts an active second half of spring in Tornado Alley and beyond, empowering businesses with Superior Accuracy™ for informed decisions during life-threatening weather events.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather predicts 1,250 to 1,375 tornadoes in the U.S. for 2024, surpassing the historical average but fewer than in 2023.

Increased tornado activity in Tornado Alley prompts heightened severe weather threats in the Midwest, Tennessee, and Ohio valleys, requiring businesses to be ready from March to May.

Early severe weather due to Great Lakes warming and lack of Midwest snowpack, El Niño's weakening influence potentially increasing tornado and hail activity in Tornado Alley, and the Gulf of Mexico indicating a critical tornado month in May differentiate this year's forecast.

As the 2024 severe weather season approaches, AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists forecast a notable pattern shift compared to last year. Expect an especially active upcoming season in the second half of spring, focusing on the traditional Tornado Alley region, spanning from Texas through Nebraska. AccuWeather's forecasts and warnings, with proven Superior Accuracy™, can empower businesses to make the best-informed decisions during potentially life-threatening weather events.

This year, AccuWeather predicts 1,250 to 1,375 tornadoes in the United States, above the historical average but fewer than the 1,423 twisters reported in 2023.


Beyond Tornado Alley

While Tornado Alley will experience increased tornado activity, AccuWeather warns that the threat extends beyond its borders. The Midwest, Tennessee, and Ohio valleys are expected to face a more frequent severe weather threat from March into May. Additionally, the northern Plains and Northeast may see an uptick in May, making it crucial for businesses across the country to stay vigilant.

Factors Setting 2024 Apart

Three key factors differentiate the 2024 forecast from the previous year:

  • Quick warming of the Great Lakes and below-average Midwest snowpack, leading to an early start to severe weather.
  • El Niño's influence is expected to weaken throughout the spring, potentially increasing tornado and hail activity in Tornado Alley from April into May.
  • The Gulf of Mexico's role, with water temperatures near historical averages, suggests a critical month for tornadoes in May.

Be better prepared with AccuWeather’s SkyGuard® Warnings 

For businesses, AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Severe Weather Warnings provides a critical service by offering location-specific, timely warnings faster and more accurate than public sources. Meteorologists customize these warnings as soon as they recognize a threat, communicating them through email, SMS, and push notifications.

The benefits of SkyGuard include:

  • Protection: 24/7 weather warnings and consulting from expert meteorologists.
  • Efficiency: Warnings that are twice as fast and seven times more accurate than public sources, allowing for quicker sheltering and minimizing false alarms.
  • Recovery: "All clear" messages to indicate when it is safe to resume operations after severe weather has passed.

SkyGuard warnings are particularly valuable for businesses as they help to protect people and production, avoid unnecessary shutdowns, and ensure a timely return to work. They also serve as a trigger within an Emergency Action Plan, helping businesses to mobilize resources and prepare for storm impact.

Contact us today to learn more about how AccuWeather's SkyGuard Severe Weather Warning Service can help you prepare better for all weather hazards. 


The AccuWeather Advantage

AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy™, built on a 60+ year history of saving lives and protecting businesses, positions it as the premier choice for weather forecasting. As the next storm approaches, businesses must recognize AccuWeather's invaluable support in making critical operational and safety decisions.

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