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AccuWeather helps businesses better prepare for a tornado outbreak across the central U.S.

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AccuWeather For Business gave clients exclusive warnings and notices that provided better information and protection, which helped them better prepare for tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hail.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather For Business provided exclusive warnings and notices to businesses to help them protect their property and save lives

As a result of advance notice, organizations had enough time to review their emergency plans and communicate with employees well before the storm

AccuWeather For Business issued Storm Potential Notices, alerting businesses to the risks of severe weather three days in advance


At the end of March 2023, a widespread severe weather outbreak erupted across the center of the United States. AccuWeather For Business meteorologists warned of potential impacts to organizations three days before the storms - information they could not get from other weather providers. 

As early as March 28, three days before severe weather struck, AccuWeather meteorologists provided impact-driven forecasts to businesses by issuing Storm Potential Notices or notices that alert companies that there is a threat of severe weather. These notices warned safety officials about the risk of torrential downpours, large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. 


St. Louis, MO.

Several reports of large hail and wind damage occurred in St. Louis, MO. AccuWeather for Business alerted companies to these threats so they could make plans to secure loose items. Organizations also had enough time to put a plan in place to protect employees and customers from the dangers of hail. The extra time provided also allowed businesses to check with their insurance providers to make sure their policies cover property damage and injuries that may occur.

Chicago, IL.

Tornadoes, wind damage, and flash flooding were reported in Chicago, IL. Other weather providers only called for rain and a possible thunderstorm or didn’t call for severe weather at all. AccuWeather issued SkyGuard® Warnings to organizations in the path of these storms, warning them to take action to protect their people, property, and assets. For example, the advanced notice allowed companies to move their employees to shelters. Reviewed tornado notifications provided companies not in the path of tornadoes to remain open, which limited downtime and maintained business continuity. Organizations with enough time to move inventory to higher ground prior to flooding. image

Little Rock, AR.

In Little Rock, AR, several tornadoes tore through the heart of the city. Other weather providers didn’t warn about this threat. AccuWeather For Business provided organizations Reviewed Tornadowith SkyGuard Tornado Warnings and reviewed tornado warnings to ensure safety officials had enough time to move employees and customers to shelter, ultimately saving lives. The advance warning gave businesses enough time to review their emergency plans and go over the plan with employees well before the storm or tornadoes.

When tornadoes are in the forecast, AccuWeather For Business provides organizations, on average, 16 minutes of advance notice, compared to eight minutes from other weather providers. This gives businesses 2x more advance notice for companies to activate their severe weather plans, move employees to shelter, and save lives. 

AccuWeather For Business also issued Reviewed Tornado notifications, or notifications indicating that even though the business is within the government warning area, it was not in the path of a tornado. This allows companies to be safer while maintaining business continuity and avoiding unnecessary shutdowns. 

Be proactive with AccuWeather SkyGuard Warnings backed by Superior Accuracy™, which will deliver site-specific alerts and warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you more time to prepare. Plus, get access to a team of expert severe weather meteorologists watching out for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Want to learn more? Demo SkyGuard today.

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