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AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service provides the only advance warning of icy spots, preventing accidents in Pennsylvania

Icy Spots on Busy Road in PA


AccuWeather was the only source to provide advance notice of icy spots on roads in Pennsylvania the first week of December, allowing businesses to be better prepared.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather accurately alerted Snow Warning Service clients of the potential for pockets of freezing drizzle on December 5th, 12 hours before anyone else.

Warnings were issued by other sources only after icy spots had already developed and road conditions were impacted.

AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service specifically predicts snow and ice impact on paved surfaces, identifying these challenging situations and helping customers be better prepared.


In the first week of December 2022, AccuWeather’s expert team of meteorologists provided the only advance warning of icy patches in central and northeast Pennsylvania caused by freezing rain. AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service specifically predicts snow and ice impact on paved surfaces, identifying dangerous conditions and helping customers be better prepared.

As a result of this weather event, accidents occurred in these areas of Pennsylvania due to patches of ice caused by freezing drizzle and a brief period of freezing rain, causing a significant impact. In many cases, AccuWeather is the only source to warn of such events, which are not major storms, but still create dangerous conditions.

AccuWeather’s forecasts, backed by Superior Accuracy TM, provide impact descriptions to people, communities, and businesses, helping them better prepare and be safer. 

Protect your business and team members by making the best weather-impacted decisions with AccuWeather. Our Snow Warning Service offers location-specific forecasts and 24x7x365 consulting services for snow, ice, blizzards, and other winter-hazard events. Whether you prefer five days or four hours of advance notice, our alert timing is customizable to your needs.


AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service features include: 

  • Precise weather event start and end times

  • Total expected snow and ice accumulations

  • Specific changeover times for snow, ice, and rain

  • Hourly temperatures and wind conditions before, during, and after the storm

  • Post-storm weather conditions, including verified precipitation amounts.

Learn how Snow Warning Service can help you take the worry out of this winter by contacting us at

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Serving more than half of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses globally, AccuWeather is recognized as the most accurate source of weather forecasts, warnings, and data in the world.

Be better prepared and safer this winter. 

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