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​​Tropical Tips: Is your business ready for a hurricane?

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With Hurricane season in full swing, do you know how to prepare if a storm aims for your area?

Key Highlights

Plan ahead and practice

Talk to emergency management officials

Don't get caught up in the category


We're in the middle of hurricane season, and it's the most active time in the tropics. 

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Here's a helpful guide to ensure your company is ready to keep employees and assets safe when a storm threatens.

1. Appoint a planning committee

  • Identify what internal teams are needed to be involved if a hurricane heads your way. This can include human resources, building facilities, and customer-facing teams. Then, set clear goals and objectives for the group to tackle once a watch or warning is issued.

2. Have a plan and test it

  • Once a plan is in place, it's time to test it. Conduct a tabletop exercise to help identify critical business functions, then develop realistic storm scenarios that test those functions. After the exercise, create an after-action report that helps identify gaps, strengths, and lessons learned.

3. Host a company-wide town hall

  • Present your plans and learnings to the entire organization. Encourage your employees to ask questions and share the information across departments.

4. Know when to act

  • Talk to emergency officials beforehand and understand when they will issue orders. Start communications with your employees early so they know what steps are being taken by leadership regarding the potential storm threat.

5. Don't get caught in the category

  • Hurricanes can intensify quickly, so don't focus solely on the hazards tied to the storm's strength—plan for at least one category higher than listed on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Also, assess all risks, such as storm surge, flooding, tornadoes, and powerful winds. 

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Be better prepared this hurricane season. 

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