Our hurricane experts have been predicting hurricane development, tracks, intensity, and impacts with greater accuracy than the National Hurricane Center for 51 years.


We also issue updates more frequently so you can make better decisions and keep your residents safer. Our average track is 2% more accurate than the National Hurricane Center; our forecast of winds and intensity is 14% more accurate, and we provide more detailed impacts. For example, we were the only ones who predicted a storm surge of 16-20’ for Hurricane Ian that killed 100 people in the Ft. Myers area. The National Hurricane Center predicted 12-16’, and the actual storm surge measured was over 18’.  

Not only do we provide more frequent updates as the storm is approaching and threatening your particular area, but importantly our forecasts and warnings are pinpointed to your exact location and with details of the impact of the hurricane on your jurisdiction, whether it’s storm surge, flooding rains, the risk of wind damage or tornado development- and all tailored to your precise location and your particular needs.  

Our hurricane experts are watching and monitoring your community 24/7, and they are available for live consultations with you whenever you desire, especially when you are on the verge of important decisions. AccuWeather’s AssetReport will change how you and your organization react to hurricane threats this storm season. Whether you’re protecting a single asset or thousands, our end-to-end solutions provide the insights you need to enhance safety and reduce risk before, during, and after the storm.

From Hurricane Agnes in 1972, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Hurricane Sandy in 2008, Hurricane Ian in 2022, and many more, AccuWeather forecasts in total have saved thousands of lives, and we have been cited by Congress and won awards from the American Meteorological Society for our exceptional hurricane forecasting.  

Compared to the benefits and ease of mind that our Hurricane Warning Service can bring to your community, the cost is very modest.  

Let's set up a time to further discuss the details of our service and how we can keep you and your constituents safe and best prepared as the hurricane season approaches.