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Tricks to weather-proof your business for Halloween and beyond

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A frightening forecast can scare away profits and cause damage to your business. We have your tips for being prepared this fall and every season.

Key Highlights

Northeast will continue to see rain until Halloween

Most of the country will have favorable conditions for outdoor activities

AccuWeather’s forecast tools help businesses stay protected no matter the season

Fear No More

As Halloween draws near, the ghost of bad weather can cause a lot of problems for your company if you aren’t ready. But don’t be scared away by weather worries. We have your Halloween forecast as well as some helpful tools to make sure you are prepared for any weather at any time of year.


For most of the Northeast: many are still cleaning up after this week’s powerful Nor'easter, and the rain will continue to haunt communities in the region leading up to Halloween. This storm will keep soggy, spooky weather in the forecast for any neighborhood or business that holds trick-or-treating events before the actual holiday. The good news is conditions are expected to improve by the weekend. The Midwest will see a dip in degrees for a chilly All Hallow's Eve. In the West, ghouls in the northern Plains can expect snow and rain, making for a wicked and wet holiday. Elsewhere in the country—fear not—the forecast is for mild conditions and mostly clear skies– perfect for outdoor plans.

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Whether it's rain, snow, or severe weather, AccuWeather helps you battle any elements that try to put a hex on your organizational plans. Our groundbreaking forecast tools ensure you stay ahead of any severe threats, all backed by our expert meteorologists and Superior Accuracy™. MinuteCast® offers superior minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts up to four hours ahead of when the weather will happen. Check on your phone from anywhere to see what’s coming. If snow and ice haunt your business, trust our experts to help you make critical decisions with confidence, starting with winter weather alerts delivered straight to your inbox. Take a step up with 1:1 business weather expert support with our Snow Warning Service. Or cover everything you need around the globe in all types of weather with SkyGuard® Severe Weather Warnings.


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