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Brrr-ware! Winter is coming, bringing with it an avalanche of challenges for your business

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As this year’s cold weather season arrives, be prepared to tackle anything it shovels your way with AccuWeather’s expert services.

Key Highlights

Winter weather brings a unique set of business challenges

Be prepared for power losses, slips and falls and unexpected closures

AccuWeather’s snow and ice services provide advance warning needed to plan properly

Take the worry out of winter

Weather you like it or not, winter is on the way. And with it comes a mountain of challenges for your company. Are you ready? Our guide and services will help you stay safe and chill this snow season.

Watch your step!

From icy parking lots to slippery snow-covered doorsteps, winter brings with it a storm of risks for you and your business. Slips and falls represent one of the biggest liabilities for your company. The National Safety Council reports that slips and falls trigger 9 million trips to the emergency room every year. Reduce the risk by always keeping your outside areas clean of snow and ice. Check the forecast ahead of time and plan for snow and ice removal services before the cold weather comes. Should the worst happen, our Forensic Meteorologists will be here to help you with your case.

Unexpected closures

Surprise snow storms such as lake effect or squalls can force businesses to close their doors unexpectedly. These quick and unexpected closures can mean a major loss of revenue. But even if your business is based in a warmer part of the country, you could still be shut down. Suppliers can be impacted by a storm and unable to deliver your inventory. Plan ahead and prepare a backup plan for areas affected by snow or ice to keep your doors open.

Don’t forget your employees

In most industries, you can’t open if you don’t have employees. Whether they are in the main office or working remotely from their snowed-in homes, make sure you account for the weather’s impact on your team and their internet access. No access to your network means no work can be done.

Plan for power outages

Snow or ice storms can lead to major power outages and having no power creates a whole new set of problems. Invest in backup generators to keep the power going at your main office and set up alternative locations for your employees to log-in if they cannot make it into work.

When winter weather strikes - Partner with us 

Trust our experts to help you make critical decisions with confidence whenever snow and ice threaten, starting with winter weather alerts delivered straight to your inbox. Take a step up with 1:1 business weather expert support with our Snow Warning Service. Or cover everything you need around the globe in all types of weather with SkyGuard® Severe Weather Warnings.


Which areas can expect the worst of winter this year? 

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