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We deliver critical AccuWeather Snow Alerts via email multiple times up to 5 days in advance of snow and ice events, highlighting the facts you need to make the most important decisions for your business. To complement the emails, our advanced Snow Alerts website is a personalized dashboard, organized with the most important details, clear graphical displays and updated minute by minute.

Saving time means you’ll no longer need to wade through multiple, conflicting forecasts. We take the work out of preparing for the next snow event by curating easy-to-read forecasts, charts, tables and maps based on the thresholds you select for snow, ice and wind.

AccuWeather Snow Alerts are a must for anyone who needs to make snow and ice decisions quickly.

Snow Alerts Include


Start and end times

Exact start and end times of snow and ice accumulation


Total accumulation

Total accumulation of snow and/or ice


Heaviest snowfall times

Predicted periods of heaviest snow


Changeover times

Specific changeover from snow to ice to rain


Hourly temperatures and wind

Updates before, during and after the storm to prepare for drifting, rapid freeze-ups and other challenges


Future forecasts

Expected temperature and weather conditions following the storm



Easy-to-use format

In addition to email alerts, you get access to a specialized snow website featuring every storm detail plus the latest weather information updated for your location, all consolidated into one easy to access display.




Why subscribe to AccuWeather Snow Alerts

1Advance notice with real-time updates
Receive alerts 4 times each day for up to 5 days before snow threatens. Snow details are constantly updated as the storm approaches.
2Event-based forecasts
Receive alerts only when the storm is expected to impact your specific locations.
3Highly localized
Choose up to 3 locations to monitor snow and ice conditions.
Configure alert thresholds for your preferred snow and ice amounts.
5Unified data display
Easy-to-read graphs and displays of how snow and ice will affect your locations.



Use AccuWeather Snow Alerts to make the best decisions

  • Keep customers happy while avoiding unnecessary expenses
  • Eliminate unnecessary preparation for storms that will not materialize
  • Be prepared for winter weather events not predicted elsewhere
  • Maximize efficiency of your business
  • Schedule personnel, plowing and salt applications at ideal times for safety and reduction of liability
  • Minimize overtime costs by allocating personnel and equipment effectively and efficiently
  •  Make the best decisions about crew scheduling, equipment needs, supply chain and operational plans



Continual updates allow for proper planning of employees necessary for snow removal and minimizing overtime hours.

-G.D., New Jersey

Advance warnings save me money and permits better scheduling of personnel and equipment.

-D.W., Pennsylvania

Select a plan

Emails are sent only when an event is forecast.

Advance notice
Up to 3 days
Number of monitored cities
1 city
Report frequency
One each morning
Event threshold
Website access
Advance notice
Up to 5 days
Number of monitored cities
3 cities
Report frequency
Up to 4 custom times per day
Event threshold
User defined
Website access

Need help signing up? Contact support@accuweather.com