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Major cold blast brings the coldest air of the season to parts of the U.S.


Businesses from the Midwest to the East Coast should prepare for a major cold blast this week.

Key Highlights

Threats: Record lows, freeze potential

States affected: Midwest, East Coast

When: Monday, October 17 - Thursday, October 20, 2022


A significant cold blast will be trouble for businesses in the Midwest to the East through midweek. Many will see the coldest air of the season, with temperatures dipping down to 20 degrees below normal for many locations. 

Areas from the Midwest to the northern Gulf Coast could break record-low temperatures through Thursday. Farmers across the South should prepare for frost and freeze potential. Many farmers may not be used to having to protect their crops early in the

On Tuesday, a cold front will dive farther southward and cooler weather will arrive along much of the Gulf Coast from the Florida Panhandle to far eastern Texas. However, the most significant blast of chilly Canadian air will remain a bit farther inland and away from the warmer water of the Gulf of Mexico which will temper the extreme chill closer to the coast.


The freezing temperatures could come at a price as any late-season crops risk being damaged, especially in areas where farmers are simply not used to having to protect their crops from a freeze at this point in the year, according to AccuWeather meteorologists. Anyone on the fringes of the freezing temperatures with sensitive outdoor vegetation may also want to take precautions during this event, such as covering plants or bringing them indoors if possible.

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Businesses in these areas should keep an eye on the falling temperatures and should: 

  • Be prepared for an increased risk of fire activity due to drier air combined with heating sources and manufacturing processes.
  • Sickness is one of the top cold-weather risks for small businesses and can have a disastrous effect on productivity.
  • Review business insurance policies to ensure you're covered for cold-weather incidents, including damage to property and inventory

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