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AccuWeather's advance notice, detailed forecasts help businesses better prepare for derecho

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AccuWeather provided businesses in the path of a destructive derecho in June 2023 with advanced notice and accurate forecasts, allowing them to better prepare and ensure the safety of their employees

Key Highlights

AccuWeather provided more advance notice ahead of other weather providers, allowing businesses to prepare for the approaching storm.

AccuWeather's forecasts were more detailed, highlighting specific impacts such as power outages expected to last for an extended period.

AccuWeather accurately predicted the widespread power outages caused by the derecho, significantly disrupting business operations and impacting half a million people.

On June 29, 2023, a destructive derecho, a cluster of thunderstorms with devastating winds near 100 mph, tore across the Midwest. The storm caused significant damage and power outages across several states. AccuWeather For Business provided companies in the storm's path with more advance notice and accurate forecasts than other weather providers, including the government. The early warning allowed companies to better prepare and keep their employees safer. 


AccuWeather's advance notice was crucial in allowing businesses to prepare for the approaching storm.

  • Two days before the storm, AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists accurately identified central Illinois and southwest Indiana as the highest-risk areas for the derecho.
  • AccuWeather warned a day in advance of the potential for the storms to transform into a derecho. 
  • As the storm neared, AccuWeather was the first to upgrade their forecast of severe thunderstorm risk to "high." This critical adjustment was made 2.5 hours before other weather sources. AccuWeather's ability to stay ahead of the curve and provide accurate, timely forecasts set them apart as a reliable source for severe weather information.


AccuWeather's forecasts were more detailed and provided businesses with more specific impacts ahead of the derecho. 

  • Two days before the derecho, AccuWeather highlighted a concentrated area where extensive power outages were expected to occur along the path of each storm. 
  • AccuWeather also warned that some of these power outages could persist for an extended period. 
  • As the event unfolded, AccuWeather accurately predicted widespread power outages spanning southern Iowa and northern Missouri, through the southern half of Illinois and Indiana, and extending into western Kentucky due to the derecho. At one point, the forecast area predicted by AccuWeather saw approximately half a million people without power, significantly disrupting business operations.

The storm caused several rollovers on Interstate 57 in Illinois, according to Illinois State Police. Tractor trailers were overturned, and a section of the road was closed for several hours because of downed power lines across the highway. Winds up to 100 mph flattened corn fields in other parts of Illinois.


AccuWeather's precise predictions were instrumental in helping businesses and communities prepare for the storm's potential impact.

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