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AccuWeather's Accurate Impact-Driven Forecasts Help Northeast Businesses Better Prepare for Storms



AccuWeather issues timely warnings with impact-driven forecasts, allowing Northeast businesses to better prepare for severe thunderstorms.

Key Highlights

Timely warnings help companies and communities better prepare for the potential risks of severe storms

Accurate and detailed forecasts help businesses proactively protect inventory, secure construction sites, and make informed decisions about outdoor activities

Superior forecasts and detailed warnings give businesses the edge in preparation and risk management

AccuWeather Delivers Impact-Driven Forecasts

In early June 2023, a slow-moving storm system wreaked havoc across the Northeast, bringing severe thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts and hail. AccuWeather For Business issued timely warnings first to help companies and communities better prepare for potential risks.

On June 1, a day before the severe weather struck, AccuWeather's forecasts included impact-driven details that specifically warned about the potential for isolated damaging wind gusts across the Northeast. The forecasts were updated on June 2, highlighting the threats of hail and damaging winds, allowing businesses to mitigate risks and protect their interests proactively.

Businesses Benefit From Accurate Forecasts

AccuWeather's accurate and detailed forecasts have helped businesses like these better prepare for severe weather events.

  • Retail Stores: With accurate forecasts, retail store owners were able to proactively protect their inventory and ensure the safety of their customers. By implementing preventative measures like securing outdoor displays and adjusting staffing levels, businesses protected against potential damages and maintained a safe shopping environment.
  • Construction Companies: Accurate weather information is crucial for construction projects. AccuWeather's warnings about damaging wind gusts enabled construction companies to secure construction sites, reinforce structures and equipment, and reschedule outdoor work. This prevented accidents, delays, and costly damages.
  • Outdoor Events and Venues: AccuWeather's forecasts gave event planners and venue owners the information they needed to decide whether to proceed with outdoor activities or reschedule. These businesses ensured the safety of attendees, protected equipment and infrastructure, and avoided potential liability issues.

AccuWeather Advantage for Businesses

AccuWeather For Business is the weather provider you can rely on to get the precise information you need to better protect your assets, employees, and operations. AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warnings, backed by Superior Accuracy, can deliver site-specific alerts and warnings before severe weather hits, giving you much-needed time to put your emergency plans into place. Want to learn more? Demo SkyGuard today. 

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