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Tropical Storm Fay


AccuWeather first to predict Tropical Storm Fay 10 days before formation and 5 days before public sources

Key Highlights

Fay set the record for being the earliest recorded “F” storm in the Atlantic basin

AccuWeather For Business sent a forecast to all customers, including a large retail client in North Carolina, allowing 8 full days of advance notice for them to take proper precautions

AccuWeather confidently predicted a track which provided users with valuable information regarding Fay’s strength and path, 5 days ahead of other sources

Fay’s formation on the evening of July 9 marked the beginning of the sixth-named storm in the Atlantic this year, contributing yet another record to the books, and adding to what has been an unusually active start to the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Fay was rated less than one on the AccuWeather RealImpact Scale for Hurricanes.


  • AccuWeather began to warn about tropical development near the eastern U.S as early as June 29 - 10 days prior to formation and 5 days prior to public sources forecasting potential development
  • Before Fay even developed, AccuWeather's Forecast Eye Path® correctly showed the future tropical system moving into southern New England
  • Public sources did not highlight an area of concern until the evening of July 4
  • Landfall occurred 10 miles north-northeast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, just before 5 p.m. ET on July 10

AccuWeather For Business Clients Were Prepared

On July 1, AccuWeather For Business provided a long-range forecast to a major home improvement retailer warning about the heavy rain and threat for tropical development off the coast of South Carolina. This forecast provided them with 8 days of advance warning, allowing them to move critical supplies to the affected region. The company was able to serve its customer base during their time of need while creating revenue opportunities, then shuttered locations when it was appropriate, ahead of the storm, to maximize personnel safety.

Advantages of our hurricane expertise, tools and services:

  • Team of meteorologists watching out for you and your assets 24/7
  • Ability to consult 1:1 with a meteorologist for extra insight when critical decisions are necessary
  • Tools to help you understand weather impacts and get information ahead of other sources
  • Most accurate intel, independent of public sources
  • No-hype forecasts tailored to your operations and specific concerns

Knowing the potential risks well ahead of any tropical system is an important part of developing, maintaining, and executing an emergency action plan for the tropical season.

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