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HURRICANE NICOLE: AccuWeather more accurately predicts rare November hurricane providing more advance notice than any other source - saving lives


AccuWeather's world-renowned hurricane forecasters, using Superior Accuracy™, provided a more accurate track earlier than anyone else, helping businesses become better prepared and safer.

Key Highlights

Five days before landfall, AccuWeather issued its first track forecast for Nicole two days earlier than our competitors and was 5% more accurate.

Our intensity forecast was 14% more accurate than anyone else.

Four days before landfall, AccuWeather correctly and accurately predicted Nicole posed a significant threat for storm surge along the East Coast of Florida.

AccuWeather uses Superior Accuracy™ to issue earlier, more accurate tracks and forecasts.

Hurricane Nicole, a rare November hurricane, hit southern Florida as a Category 1 storm, hitting areas already devastated by Hurricane Ian a month before. AccuWeather provided more advanced and accurate warnings so businesses in Florida and up the East Coast could be better prepared, keeping people and communities safer. 

AccuWeather Provides More Advance Warning 

  • On October 28, 10 days before Nicole formed, AccuWeather's Long Range team accurately predicted that the southwest Atlantic was prone to tropical development during November.
  • AccuWeather's first track was issued two days before any other source.
  • AccuWeather's initial forecast, issued five days in advance, accurately forecasted landfall on the East Coast of Florida.
  • Three days before flooding rain occurred in the southern Appalachian Mountains and West Virginia, AccuWeather notified users and customers about the risk for flooding – no government alerts were in effect. 
  • On Sunday morning, one day before other sources initiated a track, AccuWeather correctly predicted a significant storm surge and coastal inundation along the East Coast of Florida.

Hurricanes are not just a problem along the coast; they can also impact businesses several hundred miles inland. Don't wait for an imminent hurricane or tropical storm to prepare your business for one. The message is clear: Start planning now. AccuWeather for business has several tools to help you prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes

AccuWeather is the most trusted source of hurricane forecasts to help customers make the right decisions sooner and faster, helping to keep people safer, saving them money, eliminating their angst and stress, and reducing risk and liability.

Partner with us to weather the storm.

Prepare your business for tropical impacts.