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Snow squall suddenly plows Northeast, AccuWeather warns communities first

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When a fast-moving snow squall surprised businesses in the Northeast, AccuWeather forecasters provided the most advance warning.

Key Highlights

In February a snow squall hit the Northeast without much warning

The squall brought with it 50 mph winds and reduced visibility to zero

AccuWeather For Business was more precise than any other weather source in predicting the timing and intensity of the squall

Surprise Snow Squall

On February 19th, 2022 a long-lasting snow squall plowed across the Northeast, with 50 mph wind gusts, reducing visibility to zero and quickly covering the ground with snow. AccuWeather’s proven Superior Accuracy ™ was showcased two full days ahead of the squall when our meteorologists issued forecasts for northern Pennsylvania and southern New York State that clearly communicated snow squalls can bring whiteout conditions at times.” By Friday, February 18th, 24 hours in advance of the squall, our forecasters accurately predicted the timing of the squall, issued detailed forecast maps and notified customers in the impact areas. AccuWeather For Business forecasts were more accurate than any other sources, including the National Weather Service. Our meteorologists specifically predicted snow squalls and whiteouts for Saturday across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the New York City area. At the same time, no other weather source was predicting any snow showers or squalls over the weekend.  AccuWeather’s direct, concise and conclusive language to clients conveyed the prediction of,  “a brief, heavier snow squall is possible, and any snow squall can rapidly reduce visibility with whiteout conditions for a time and strong wind gusts." This will lead to a significant travel hazard. AccuWeather also proactively pushed targeted, localized messages that highlighted the threat of the snow squall with notifications stating, “expect dangerous whiteout conditions and slippery roads…” hours in advance of the threat and ahead of the warnings the government issued in some areas on Saturday, February 19th.

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