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How weather mitigation services keep live events and outdoor venues operating safely

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Bad weather can bring a storm of trouble for your live event or outdoor venues. AccuWeather For Business works year-round to identify weather impacts and ways to protect guests and staff against major threats.

Key Highlights

Safety first: Protecting guests and staff is priority

Hazards: Wind and lightning are the main hazards, but temperature can also have a negative impact on guests

Key partnership: Utilizing the insight of AccuWeather meteorologists is key to success

Live events and outdoor venues are especially vulnerable to bad weather. The AccuWeather For Business team works year-round with their clients to identify weather impacts and ways to protect guests and staff against major threats. Weather mitigation services such as our SkyGuard® help venue managers decide when to take action. When thunderstorms roll toward an outdoor venue — whether a stadium hosts a football game or concert or a fairground hosts a festival — event organizers know about the inclement weather threat hours in advance. That threat often triggers an emergency preparedness plan that has the venue facing the decision of whether to evacuate or postpone. “Working with a venue on a particular day, we will be talking with them about their site-specific forecast, so they will know if we believe there is a threat,” said Jon Porter, Senior Vice President, Weather Content and Forecast Operations & Chief Meteorologist for AccuWeather.

Partner with us to weather the storm. 

AccuWeather meteorologists have a proven track record of Superior AccuracyTM and timely warnings that businesses rely on. Protect your people, property, and production with SkyGuard®.

Benefits of SkyGuard Warnings

  • A team of expert severe weather meteorologists is watching out for the venue 24x7x365
  • Venue-specific warnings that offer earlier notice before disruptive weather hits allow more time to shelter
  • All-clear notifications minimize weather-related downtime and let the crew know when the fun can resume
  • The ability to talk directly with a meteorologist can help management make the best decisions in a weather emergency
  • A secure, customized weather portal and mobile app with real-time radar, damage reports, and warnings for their location

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