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Don't be caught off guard: Protect your business against flash flooding

Getty - Flooded buildings in Iowa


Flash flooding can wreak havoc on businesses, causing significant damage and financial losses. Here are some proactive measures to minimize the impact and better protect your business.

Key Highlights

Flash flooding is sudden and intense downpours that can turn streets into rivers and businesses into disaster areas

Flash flooding can damage property and disrupt normal business operations

While you cannot control when flash flooding will occur, you can prepare your business to minimize the impact

When the skies open and it rains for an extended period of time, your business' profits could be washed away. Flash flooding can happen anywhere and anytime, in areas prone to flooding and even those that aren't. If your business isn't prepared, it could have devastating consequences. 

Flash Flooding- What is it? 

Flash flooding happens when sudden and intense downpours turn streets into rivers and businesses into disaster areas. The consequences for companies can be far-reaching and devastating -- including property damage, inventory loss, supply chain disruptions, and even temporary or permanent closure. In most cases, businesses will have little time to prepare, but AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warnings can help you prepare for flooding threats. 

Infrastructure and Property Damage

Flash flooding can cause significant damage to business infrastructure, cause electrical failures, and equipment malfunctions. Flooding can destroy offices, factories, and warehouses, leaving valuable assets unusable. Repairs and replacements to buildings and equipment can be costly and put a severe financial strain on businesses, especially those without proper insurance coverage. 

Disrupted Operations and Loss of Revenue

Not only can flash floods damage buildings and property, but they can also disrupt normal business operations. Employees may need help to reach workplaces, supply chains impacted, and customers stay away. All of these can result in a significant loss in revenue and productivity. Even after the waters recede, the recovery process can be lengthy and costly, further impacting financial losses. Businesses may need help to bounce back and resume operations on time, with potential long-term consequences.

What actions can you take to prepare?

While you cannot control when flash flooding will occur, you can prepare your business to minimize the impact of flash flooding.

  • Develop an Emergency Response Plan that should include evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and employee training -- AccuWeather For Business can help you create a plan if you don't have one
  • Conduct a risk assessment of your business to identify vulnerable areas and implement flood-resistant measures
  • Back up critical data and important physical and digital documents in secure, off-site locations
  • Stay informed about weather conditions with AccuWeather For Business
  • Maintain communication to update employees and customers about potential risks and actions to take
  • Invest in flood insurance coverage that adequately protects your business assets and operations -- consult with insurance professionals to understand your policy's terms and exclusions

Get the checklist of the actions your business can take before, during, and after a flash flooding event below. 

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