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Dangerous Northeast squalls: AccuWeather gives organizations 2 days of advance notice to prepare

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AccuWeather warned days in advance and was the only source to do so of dangerous snow squalls in the Northeast, allowing businesses to be better prepared.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather provided the only advance notice of the snow squalls across Pennsylvania, New York, and other parts of the Northeast and Great Lakes

State transportation departments and other companies successfully prepared for travel disruptions

AccuWeather's meteorologists held numerous briefings with clients before the storm to properly assess risk


Businesses in the Northeast were better-prepared thanks to AccuWeather For Business's advance notice of heavy snow and dangerous snow squalls that created hazardous travel conditions on March 19. AccuWeather provided two days advance notice - ahead of any other source. The treacherous conditions caused a 50-100 car pileup in Portland, Michigan.

Businesses using AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service received advance notice, alerts to updated accumulation totals, and start and stop times. These updates allowed these businesses to maintain continuity during the storm, allowing their employees and customers to operate safely.

AccuWeather meteorologists worked closely with the state’s department of transportation to correctly capture the risk in advance by correctly denoting the affected area along with impacts.

  • On Thursday, March 16, AccuWeather correctly predicted snow squalls would occur across this region, including specifically alerting users that:
    • Snow can cause poor visibility and slippery spots, leading to slow travel
    • Any heavy snow shower could cover the ground quickly and reduce visibility
  • Across western Pennsylvania, a day before the snow squalls, no other source forecasted snow squalls or snow showers
  • AccuWeather accurately predicted heavier snow showers and squalls could impact travel
  • Our meteorologists specifically highlighted the risk of the quick-hitting heavy bursts of snow, which could rapidly reduce visibility, creating dangerous travel conditions, which is what occurred from parts of Michigan through New York and Pennsylvania

AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists assisted clients before and during the storm with one-on-one consultations to give them the most up-to-date forecasts, providing them with accurate, pinpoint forecasts to help them make the best weather-impacted decisions. 

Protect your business and team members with  AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service, backed by forecasts and warnings with Superior Accuracy™.  Businesses get location-specific forecasts and 24x7x365 consulting services for snow, ice, blizzards, and other winter-hazard events. 

AccuWeather's Snow Warning Service features include: 

  • Precise weather event start and end times
  • Total expected snow and ice accumulations
  • Specific changeover times for snow, ice, and rain
  • Hourly temperatures and wind conditions before, during, and after the storm
  • Post-storm weather conditions, including verified precipitation amounts

Reduce liability, increase safety, and substantially reduce the risk of injury to your employees and customers with AccuWeather For Business. Contact us today for more about how we can help your business be better informed, better prepared, and better protected.

Help your business be better prepared and people safer. 

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