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AccuWeather warns businesses earlier, more accurately to the first major snowfall in New York City

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AccuWeather’s expert meteorologists correctly predicted the first major snowfall event of the season for New York City and warned earlier and more accurately than anyone else about snowfall in Pennsylvania.

Key Highlights

AccuWeather provided more advance notice of the snow event and issued a first snow accumulation map ahead of other sources

AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service clients were alerted before, during, and after the storm, and had access to one-on-one consultations with a meteorologist

Clients planned for potential disruptions: School districts correctly called virtual learning days, businesses more accurately prepped snow removal resources


In a snowless year for New York City, AccuWeather’s 100+ expert meteorologists warned earlier and more accurately about the city’s first snowfall of the season in February 2023. AccuWeather For Business’ forecasts, backed by Superior Accuracy™, were so spot on that WABC’S Lee Goldberg said, “We had a stellar forecast.” It wasn’t only New York City. AccuWeather forecasts were more accurate in Pennsylvania as well. 

Clients using AccuWeather’s Snow Warning Service were ahead of the snow. Not only were they alerted before, during, and after the storm, but they had access to one-on-one consultations with a meteorologist to update snowfall total amounts.  School district clients were able to correctly call virtual learning days, businesses were able to conserve salt, and plan for potential disruptions.  


  • 5 DAYS ADVANCE NOTICE - AccuWeather mentioned the potential snow event in New York City on Feb. 22

  • 3 DAYS BEFORE EVENT - AccuWeather issued its first snow accumulation map ahead of any other source


On Feb. 27: 

  • AccuWeather correctly predicted 1-3” of snow for Manhattan, while other sources predicted 3-5”
  • AccuWeather correctly forecasted that 3-6” would accumulate not far north of the city, including across northern New Jersey, the northern Bronx, and southern Connecticut
  • In State College, AccuWeather consistently predicted a coating to an inch of snow and sleet – exactly what occurred. Other sources indicated too much snow
  • In Williamsport, AccuWeather correctly predicted 1-3” whereas others incorrectly predicted 4-6” 

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