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WILDFIRE SEASON: Be better prepared and stay safer


Wildfire season can spark serious threats to your business, your people, and your assets. Here are some actions you can take to prepare and stay safe.

Key Highlights

Between 2021-2022, wildfires accounted for over $11.2 billion in damage across the United States

Even if your business isn’t in the direct path of a wildfire, it could still suffer indirect consequences

AccuWeather’s Wildfire Proximity Alerts can help mitigate the risk to your people, business continuity plan, and profits


Wildfires are fast-moving and an out-of-control fire can significantly impact your business causing property damage, business disruptions, and supply-chain issues. Between 2021-2022, wildfires accounted for over $11.2 billion in damage across the United States. Even if your business isn’t in the direct path of a wildfire, your business could still suffer indirect consequences. Companies must be as prepared as possible. 

Here is a checklist of actions you should take to prepare your business before, during, and after a wildfire: 

Before a wildfire: 

A wildfire can pause or shut down your business. If your business is closed for an extended period, it can impact your customer base. Preparing before a wildfire in advance can give your business the best chance of survival. 

  • Provide training to company safety managers, managers, and their backups on the emergency plan and how to use fire extinguishers
  • Train employees on fire safety and your evacuation plan and run wildfire evacuation drills
  • Determine how employees will evacuate on foot if roads are closed because of fire or are blocked by emergency personnel
  • Ensure there are enough fire extinguishers placed in strategic locations and they are up to date 
  • Maintain a water supply at your property to control a minor fire until emergency personnel can arrive
  • Obtain a generator to power water pumps in the event of a power outage
  • Have tools on hand, including axes, rakes, saws, shovels, ladders, and a battery-operated radio 
  • Develop a plan to disseminate communication to employees, vendors, and clients
  • Obtain backup vendors who wildfires may impact so your business operations and supply chain are not disrupted

During a wildfire: 

When a wildfire breaks out, minutes matter and an immediate, proper response can save lives. Managers and employees must follow your emergency plan and evacuation orders. 

  • Do not stay and try to protect your property against the fire
  • If the fire is moving too swiftly and you can not evacuate, go to a pre-designated shelter in the basement or the lowest level of the building
  • Close doors but leave them unlocked to emergency personnel can reach you; do not open windows
  • Make sure to turn on all lights to increase visibility in thick smoke
  • Use brightly-colored material or clothing to mark your location inside the building
  • Shut off gas meters and propane tanks 
  • Move ladders against the building so firefighters can get roof access
  • Turn on a battery-operated radio to get emergency information and directions  

After a wildfire: 

Decide which person is responsible for giving you the all-clear and determine how, when, and if you and your employees can return. Even if your business recovers, your clients and vendors may not. 

  • Check the building and roof for any fire or hot embers. If you encounter a fire, contact 911 immediately. 
  • Determine if the power is on by checking the main breaker. Sometimes, fires can cause breakers to trip. If the power isn’t on, contact your utility company.
  • Check with your vendors and suppliers to see the status of their business operations

Early notification of a wildfire can help mitigate the risk to your people, business continuity, and profits. AccuWeather’s Wildfire Proximity Alerts are delivered as soon as the fire is detected and are backed by AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy™. When a wildfire has sparked within 10 miles of your asset locations, you receive insights and notifications from our expert meteorologists. Your locations are monitored 24x7x365, and available for one-on-one consultation for wildfire alerts, air quality alerts, high winds, and more. 

Partner with us to weather the storm. 

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