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A storm making its way across the country will bring severe weather to nearly a dozen states

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A widespread storm will develop this week and bring severe weather to the Plains and Mississippi Valley. 

Key Highlights

Threats: Damaging winds, isolated hail, tornadoes, heavy downpours, flash flooding

States affected: TX, MS, AL, GA, OK, AR, KY, TN, LA, OH, IN, IL, WV, NY, PA, VA, NH, VT, MO

When: Wednesday, February 16 - Thursday, February 17

A Flood of Trouble

A storm moving across the country will strengthen as it moves into the Plains later in the week. AccuWeather For Business meteorologists are forecasting this system will bring the risk for severe weather from central Texas into Mississippi Valley. The worst conditions are expected Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. Cities such as Tulsa, Dallas, Shreveport, Jackson, Nashville, and Louisville, will all be in the path and could see damaging winds, isolated hail, tornadoes, and flooding rain. 

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Heavy rain is also expected across the Ohio Valley and into parts of the Northeast, where at least a couple inches of rain are possible with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 7 inches. With the ground frozen around the Great Lakes to the Northeast, any rain and snowmelt can run off and raise concerns for flash flooding.


These storms could bring significant impacts to logistical operations in the region. Anyone traveling on interstates 20, 30, 40, 44, and 55 from late Wednesday through Thursday should be mindful of rapidly changing weather conditions. Blowing debris and flooding downpours can quickly disrupt travel, along with strong winds posing a risk to high-profile vehicles.

Businesses in the area need to keep a close eye on this system and should:

  • Prepare for operation interruptions due to extended power outages 
  • Expect ground logistics disruption due to road closures, downed trees, and power outages
  • Loss of Inventory due to flooding - If your warehouse is in a low-lying area, precautions should be taken
  • Ensure all employees and visitors on-site have a way to be notified of severe weather 

Partner with us to weather the storm. 

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