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Gulf Coast braces for another round of drenching downpours, and flooding over the holiday weekend

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Heavy downpours and powerful thunderstorms could dump several inches of rain, causing flooding along the Gulf Coast over the Labor Day weekend.

Key Highlights

Threats: Frequent downpours, flash flooding, thunderstorms, travel disruptions

States affected: LA, TX, MS, AR, AL, GA, TN

When: Friday, September 2 - Monday, September 5, 2022


Drenching thunderstorms are expected to move through the south-central U.S. over the Labor Day weekend, impacting some areas still cleaning up from recent flooding.  New Orleans, Houston, and Jackson, Mississippi will see back-to-back rain due to tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. AccuWeather meteorologists say the front could stall near the Gulf Coast early next week. This would result in several areas seeing several inches of rain. While some drought-stricken parts of Texas will welcome the rain, other areas along the Gulf Coast are still recovering from recent flooding. Even where the rain is needed, too much may fall too quickly and result in flooding. The heavy rain and possible flooding could also cause travel disruptions during the holiday weekend. 

 Businesses in the regions should keep a close eye on this system and expect: 

  • Ground logistics disruption due to road closures, flooded roads, and power outages
  • Loss of Inventory due to flooding - If your warehouse is in a low-lying area, precautions should be taken
  • Ensure all employees and visitors on-site have a way to be notified of severe weather

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