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Repeated rainfall causes major flash flooding in parts of the Mid-Atlantic, AccuWeather provides advance warnings


Heavy downpours caused significant flash flooding in July in the Ohio Valley, the Appalachians, and parts of Missouri and Kentucky. AccuWeather’s warnings provided advance notice for businesses to make impact-driven decisions.

Key Highlights

Repeated rainfall occurred over the same areas producing flash flooding, as accurately predicted by AccuWeather

AccuWeather meteorologists provided unique, actionable notice and warnings

SkyGuard® customers were alerted to the immediate risk of flash flooding

Dangerous flash-flooding causes destruction

Repeated rainfall in parts of the Ohio Valley, the Appalachians, Missouri, and Kentucky caused dangerous flash flooding in July, resulting in the massive destruction of property and loss of life. At least 25 people in Kentucky were killed. The damage left behind by the flooding was so severe that some people said it compared to that of a tornado. 

Advance warnings provide much-needed time

AccuWeather meteorologists started raising concerns about the risk of repeated rainfall that could produce flash flooding in the Ohio Valley into the central Appalachians more than six days in advance. In West Virginia, where mudslides occurred, AccuWeather meteorologists alerted to the risk 24 hours ahead. 

In Missouri, where a record of nine inches of rain fell, AccuWeather for Business customers were provided with valuable extra time to make emergency preparations and take urgent actions for the dangerous widespread flooding. In Kentucky, AccuWeather meteorologists provided early warnings, which was extremely important because people in this area needed every minute to get to higher ground, given how fast the water was rising. 

AccuWeather SkyGuard® users were alerted to the immediate risk of flash flooding. The warning gave people in the area much-needed time to seek safety, avoid roadways, and reduce risk. 

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