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Protect your investment: Three of the biggest threats to liquefied natural gas facilities


AccuWeather For Business has the tools needed to protect your business' energy investment. We can help protect your liquefied gas facilities and employees when severe weather, extreme temperatures, and hurricanes threaten.

Key Highlights

There are more than 160 LNG facilities in the U.S.

Liquefied Natural Gas, once it is regasified at room temperature, is used to generate electricity and heat in homes and businesses

AccuWeather For Business has the tools your business needs to protect your property, people, and assets


There are more than 160 LNG facilities in the U.S. Most are outdoor facilities with outdoor workers. Once regasified at room temperature, Liquefied Natural Gas generates electricity and heat in homes and businesses. It is also used to process plastics or other petrochemical products.  When severe weather threatens, don't put your company's investment and, more importantly, your people at risk. AccuWeather For Business can help protect your property by providing alerts and warnings that could prevent damage. Here are the three most significant threats to liquefied natural gas facilities. 


Liquefied natural gas facilities and employees are at risk when lightning is in the forecast. Businesses must alert outdoor workers when lightning threatens their work areas. AccuWeather For Business SkyGuard® Warning Service not only sends you alerts when lightning is within 8 miles of your assets, but you also have 24/7/356 access to one of AccuWeather's 100+ meteorologists for the most up-to-date forecasts to protect your people. 


High heat warnings are crucial for outdoor workers at liquefied natural gas facilities.  Businesses must be aware of the extreme temperatures for employees working in the Liquefied Natural Gas field so that they can be given frequent breaks. AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warning service will alert on-site managers when the heat hits 95, 100, or 105 degrees F. 


Most Liquefied Natural Gas facilities operate outdoors and near the coast. So getting an advance warning to protect your people and your facilities is essential. AccuWeather provides up to 10 days' notice when hurricanes threaten. For example, when AccuWeather For Business alerted clients earlier and provided a more accurate track than anyone else about the threat of Hurricane Ian. AccuWeather was the only source to predict up to a 20-foot surge in parts of Fort Myers and surrounding areas. Most of these LNG facilities are located on the Gulf Coast, areas prone to hurricanes.  

Be proactive with AccuWeather's SkyGuard® Warnings, which will deliver site-specific alerts and offer warnings well before severe weather hits, giving you much-needed time to be prepared. 

Benefits of SkyGuard® Warnings: 

  • Proactive, site-specific alerts offer warnings well before severe weather impacts occur
  • Live one-on-one or group consultation is provided by our weather experts anytime, day or night
  • Alerts delivered in a format that aligns with your organizational emergency management plan
  • All-clear notifications are sent when a threat is over, minimizing weather-related downtime
  • All alerts are delivered via push notification from the SkyGuard® mobile app, available on Android and iOS

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