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DEEP FREEZE: Protect your business and production from the dangers of frigid temperatures


When temperatures plummet, it could put a freeze on your business and production. We've got a checklist of what you can do to protect your company, profits, and people from frigid temperatures.

Key Highlights

Freezing temperatures can cause significant damage and disruptions to your business operations if not prepared.

Designate a “weather watcher” and an emergency response team to work with AccuWeather For Business to complete a checklist before and during cold temperatures.

AccuWeather's SkyGuard Warning Service will give you location-specific forecasts and 24x7x365 consulting services for any weather event.


AccuWeather For Business meteorologists warn about an arctic air mass that will cause your warehouse’s temperatures to plummet quickly. One of your employees left a door propped open, causing frigid air to freeze and burst your poorly insulated pipes. Water shoots throughout your building, damaging your equipment and inventory. Now your business operations and production are in jeopardy, potentially having a major impact on your profits.

Situations like these can be prevented by planning, especially in areas where freezing temperatures are likely to occur. The situation above may seem extreme, but even a minor freeze-up could temporarily halt production and cost you money in repairs and lost profits.


When AccuWeather For Business meteorologists warn that colder temperatures could cause an issue where your assets are located, there are a few steps you can take ahead of time: 

  • Designate a "weather watcher" or someone responsible for communicating and receiving AccuWeather For Business warnings and implement safety procedures. 
  • Prepare your emergency preparedness plan. 
  • Organize an emergency response team to remove snow from equipment, roads, and roofs. 
  • Gather supplies such as tarps for broken windows, steam hoses for thawing frozen pipes, and portable heaters. Make sure this equipment is operational. 
  • Don't shut down operations unless there is a safety risk. But if you need to leave the building unattended, ensure you can monitor the building temperature. 

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Once the cold temperatures arrive, your business should be prepared and ready to execute a preparedness plan and go through the checklist below: 

  • The designated "weather watcher" should check in with AccuWeather For Business meteorologists to stay informed of cold weather conditions. 
  • Monitor and record temperatures in hard-to-head areas that house vulnerable equipment and repeat every few hours. 
  • Check temperatures in critical areas, especially at night, on weekends, and during the day. 
  • Check heat-tracking systems to make sure they are working. 
  • Drain water-cooled equipment and drain condensed moisture from compressed lines. 
  • Check both wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems to ensure they are ice-free. 

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Severe weather can happen anywhere and anytime. Your business needs to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. 

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If you do not use AccuWeather, you may risk the lives of your employees and customers.

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